Finding your best #1 necklace to look great!

Finding your best #1 necklace to look great!

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    The necklace is not only one of the oldest pieces of jewelry on this planet but also the favorite jewelry of a lot of women. Do you know you have only 3 seconds to make a perfect first impression? And the people look first to your head? And that your necklace is very near to that first look? So you might say that wearing the right one for you, is important.

    But it is not always easy to find the right one for you. The right one that makes you look great. The one that gives you the feeling that you are beautiful because you are! The #1 necklace, accentuates your best features and gives you confidence. Do you know the tricks to find that special beauty, that makes you look stunning?

    To choose the right one, you have to consider your features. And also the length of the necklace is very important. All this information you will find in this blog, including the explanation about the difference between a bib and a statement necklace.

    And if you want more tips & tricks to find the best #1 necklace for you, ask for my free e-book. Scroll to the end of this blog and you will find the way to do that. Let’s start!

    The well-figured lady looks awesome with the right jewelry.
    Great for well-figured ladies, made of silver and rhinestone by Miriam Haskell.

    The best for a well-figured lady

    Jewelry is for every woman the perfect accessory to any outfit. But what necklace is best when you are a well-figured woman? It is very smart to know what style, what length, what color, and what size looks best on your body type. Don’t waste your money on a fabulous piece of jewelry that does not look right on you. When you don’t wear the right jewelry the extra pounds look much more than it supposed to.

    In the Western world, woman is growing and the sizes they wear are getting bigger and bigger. The well-figured woman of today deserves nice jewelry that makes her sparkle. And the designers should design for this growing group of women the right jewelry.

    A well-figured woman wants to look a little taller and a little thinner. The necklaces you buy in shops are most of the time too short and those ones look like a choker on you. And chokers make women with short and wide necks shorter.

    My advice is to wear a longer type, that ends just above the beginning of your cleavage. A longer one extends the outer lines of your face and those long lines give a flattering effect.

    Well-figured posture: a matter of style

    Nowadays being slimmer is fashion and the diet gurus earn a lot of money promoting being slim and according to that statement, being healthier. But everybody knows that being well-figured is not always a choice ánd everybody knows that when you wear the right outfit and the right jewelry you look fabulous, also when you are well-figured.

    In the 17th-century, in Europe, it was a fashion to be well-figured and a lot of Dutch and Belgium masters had muses that were more than one kilo too heavy. They loved painting them and the ladies looked fabulous. It is a pity that this style has vanished. So we stick to looking great and feeling beautiful with the right jewelry and outfit. And in this blog, you will find a lot of them.

    Great for well-figured women: turquoise howlite, coral, and old silver necklace.

    It enlightens your face, just take care it is long enough. All the eyes go to your face and necklace and not to the rest of your body. Accentuates your best features.

    Even a small well-figured woman, like me, looks awesome with this beauty.

    Neckline for the well-figured woman?

    Not only the length is important for a fabulous look, but also your neckline has to be considered. When you have a dress or shirt with a V-shaped neckline, your necklace should fall within the neckline (and not just over it). The V-shaped neckline is perfect when you have a beautiful decolleté.

    In a kind of natural way, the neckline and a great necklace draw attention to this part of your body. A V-shaped or a long necklace makes your body look longer and thinner. It creates a longer vertical line.

    Your feature!

    When you have a delicate feature your necklace should mirror or complement your feature; so it should have small design details. But a woman with large and strong features should wear the types without too many details to look more beautiful: you better stick to bold lines and large necklaces.

    It is important that this jewel makes you sparkle and that it feels comfortable for you: it should not be too tight, too short, or too heavy. You can buy your pieces of jewelry in a (web)shop that can alter the length for you (like FlorenceJewelshop). Mostly larger than 18 inches or 46 cm necklaces are fine for well-figured women unless you want a choker (what I don’t recommend). Some styles look better on you than others. Like long ones, the types with a pendant, multiple strand necklaces, and chains.

    A well-figured woman with a large bust

    When you are a well-figured woman with a large bust: You better don’t wear big, chunky statement necklaces and not one that hangs or dangles near your cleavage. You look more beautiful when you wear shorter ones. And when you want extra attention to your decolleté, You can wear the best chunky, bold, or short-layered necklaces. The best is when the beads have a geometrical shape. And… that one will take the attention of your hips!

    Made of diamonds and is detachable, 1900
    Made by Van Cleef and Arpels from diamonds and rubies

    Well, to put all the tips together:

    • The right length is important since it can add brilliance and color to your face. When a necklace is too long it does nothing for your face and when it is too short you look choked;
    • Wear a longer one, that ends just above the beginning of your cleavage;
    • The V-shaped type is perfect when you have a beautiful decolleté;
    • A V-shaped neckline or a long necklace makes your body look longer and thinner;
    • When you have a delicate feature it should have small design details;
    • A woman with large and strong feature should wear them with bold lines and large necklaces;
    • It should not be too tight, too short, or too heavy;
    • Wear long copies, the ones with a pendant, multiple strand necklaces, and chains;
    • Don’t wear big, chunky statement necklaces and not one that hangs or dangles near your cleavage.

    The best for a slim lady

    Every woman is beautiful and the outsight of a person says nothing about the character of that beautiful woman. This is all true! But… although you are beautiful and have a great and loving character, you still want to be more beautiful, more noticed, and get more compliments. One way or the other that is a drive of every woman, also when you are a slim woman and gorgeous lady.

    When you want to be more beautiful, more noticed, want to have more confidence, or are longing for more compliments you have an excellent opportunity to make yourself sparkle, when you choose the right necklace. For that, you need to consider your length, your features, and the shape of your face.

    Choosing jewelry when you are a slim woman?

    In the Western World, the beauty ideal is being slim. Have a look at all the fashion models and you know that people think that slim women are beautiful. So why bother about your clothing and jewelry when you have that feature? The answer is not that difficult: being a slim woman does not mean that you have influence, that you are being noticed in the way you want it to be, that people listen to you because you have something important to say.

    Wearing the right necklace can attract attention to your lips. And people will listen to what you have to say. Wearing the right necklace can make you more confident and you will get noticed at your work or by your friends. And when you look great with it, well-chosen, and unique handmade gemstone pieces of jewelry, you can get the admiration, compliments for your good taste. What else do you want?

    Fabulous for the smaller slim woman: hematite with rose quartz and sterling silver.

    This necklace is ideal for slim ladies since it makes them look a bit ‘wider’.

    Your choice of the best necklace!

    When you are a smaller or shorter slim lady and you want to add some length to your body, consider wearing a somewhat longer type that reaches the lower balance point (see the explanation in my free e-book). You look also longer when you wear the chain variety that reaches your belly but only wear these when you are flat-chested. When you are not, you look great with multiple gemstone strand necklaces that reach just below the higher balance point.

    When you are a taller slim woman you may need some horizontal lines to diminish your length. In that case, I would advise a shorter gemstone necklace (higher balance point) or even a choker.

    A slim woman looks gorgeous with bigger beaded gemstone and/or very colorful necklaces, to make a real statement.

    And the conclusion is…

    • Wear the right necklace when you want to be noticed, want to feel more beautiful, and want to receive more compliments.
    • Check the right length in the free e-book of FlorenceJewelshop. The small slim woman wears her necklaces best around the lower balance point and the taller slim woman around the higher balance point (or wear a choker). You can wear bigger beaded gemstone copies and colorful ones.

    The best for a tall lady

    The body of a tall woman has a vertical line. When you wear a long necklace that vertical line gets even longer and your tallness will be more emphasized. You will look more beautiful when you add horizontal lines, using pieces of jewelry, like big bracelets, chokers, or shorter ones, You know: I cannot make you a bit shorter, but with the right jewelry you can look a bit shorter.

    made of sapphires and diamonds
    Maria Fjoedrovna with her pearl choker

    What looks best on a tall woman?

    I already explained to you that you can emphasize horizontal lines or create horizontal lines. You can accomplish that by wearing shorter necklaces. But cannot be too short either, because then it will get lost on you and is not doing anything to your face. Chokers can create the perfect horizontal line for you, especially when you have a longer neck. You also can think about wearing a multiple strand pearl necklace or a striking choker made of gemstones.

    When you are a bit flat-chested you will look fabulous with a longer chain variety, that looks like a fluent line with a bit wider end. And the last tip: you better don’t wear a U-shaped type. It makes you look longer. And that is not what a taller woman wants.

    It is important to know what is the best length. The perfect length makes you more beautiful and the necklace is adding something extra to your face.

    To summarize my advice:

    • Wear shorter necklaces or chokers
    • Better don’t wear U-shaped ones
    • Multiple strand pearl chokers or a striking gemstone choker will look perfect
    • Create horizontal lines with your jewelry to ‘break’ your length

    Fabulous for a tall woman: howlite, turquoise, lava stone, and Bali silver. A tall woman wearing this shorter choker will look shorter due to the vertical line that is created with this necklace on the neck.

    The best for a small lady

    For a Dutch girl, I am a small woman. And sometimes that really gives problems.  In the Western world, women (and men) are growing taller and taller. And in the Netherlands live the tallest people in the world, they say, due to healthy food and milk. We don’t know where this growth stops, but at the same time, there is still a small woman, like me. A necklace is for every woman the perfect accessory to any outfit. With the right one, a small woman can even look taller! But what is the right one for a small woman?

    Smaller women have a lot of problems (anyway in the Netherlands) with buying clothes, reaching out to the things that are stacked higher and higher, and especially at a party or in business they are not being seen, because of their length. And the right necklace can help you. I cannot make you taller, but I can give you some tips on how to look taller!

    Choker, made of emerald, diamonds, and pearls by Kamyen jewelry
    Made in the Art Nouveau style by Edward Colonna in 1900 from baroque pearls and enameled seaweed.

    They make a small woman beautiful?

    Most of the small women like to look taller or maybe a better proportion of their body shape. Your necklace can accomplish that when you choose the right pieces.

    A small woman can look taller using vertical lines in her clothing and jewelry. Long types will look great when they reach just above your belly. But also when you don’t like those very long ones and prefer the shorter copies; take care take you don’t wear them too short.

    The neckline is important too

    Not only the length is important for a fabulous look, but also your neckline has to be considered to get the vertical line. Better wear a V-shaped neckline than a round one (horizontal line) and your necklace should fall within the neckline (and not just over it). A V-shaped or a long necklace makes your body look longer and thinner. It creates a longer vertical line.

    Then you have to consider your feature. When you have a delicate feature your jewel should mirror or complement your feature; so it should have larger design details. But a woman with a strong feature should wear necklaces without too many details to look more beautiful. You better stick to bold lines and large ones.

    It is important that your jewelry makes you sparkle and that it feels comfortable for you: it should not be too long, too short, or too heavy. You can buy them in a (web)shop that can alter the length for you (like FlorenceJewelshop). Mostly longer than 18 inch or 46 cm necklaces or a length of about 92 cm / 36,2 inches are fine for small women and I don’t recommend a choker (it makes you even smaller). Some styles look better on you than others. Like long ones or necklaces with a pendant.

    To summarize my advice:

    • Wear long ones
    • Wear a V or Y shaped type
    • You can wear collar length varieties (not too short)
    • Avoid U shaped ones, that end above the breastbone.

    This coral and lapis lazuli necklace is great for a small lady. It is V-shaped which gives you more length and it is a real statement that can make you look taller.

    A bib or a statement necklace?

    In the descriptions, you see the expression ‘statement necklace’ and ‘bib necklace’. Do you know what is meant? And do you know whether one or the other looks good on you? This blog explains what is the difference and how to choose.

    What is a ‘bib necklace’?

    A bib necklace is ‘a necklace with a broad front section that covers part of the chest’ and an ‘immense bib necklace is encrusted with precious stones’. Now you have the official definition, but what does it exactly look like?

    This type is, according to the archeologists, first seen in Egypt. That is that we did not have seen Egyptians wearing it, but the grave finds and the temple paintings show that this type is part of the Egyptian custom jewelry.

    In those days women only wore a skirt and the bib necklace covered their breasts. They were made of leather decorated with beads or cowrie shells. You need quite a lot for covering, but that is not the point here. The same goes for old tribal communities nowadays or in the recent past. Also, the women of those tribal communities cover themselves (if needed and wanted) with bib necklaces.

    In the 7th century in Greece and Roman, you could see women with them. In those days it was popular by the high society women to wear evening dresses with rather low-cut necks. To cover the chest and breasts, a bit up the women wore them. That is a circular or triangular-shaped necklace with a long and broad, often tapering gemstone ornamentation in the front.

    African multistrand bib necklace made of fibers.
    African multistrand beaded bib necklace.

    What does it look like?

    The bib necklace has a web-like base of metal or precious metals like silver or gold. And the base is encrusted with chunky pieces of smooth-cut gemstones (no faceted gemstones most of the time).

    Sometimes you find a bib necklace with multiple strands of gemstones that dangle at regular or irregular lengths to get a ‘waterfall’ effect. They are called ‘waterfall necklaces’ sometimes.

    The main purpose of a bib necklace is to cover up your chest and most of the time it is ‘massive’.

    When to choose a bib necklace?

    A bib necklace looks great when you have a longer neck. They start a bit higher on the neck. Avoid this type when you have a short neck: you will look ‘choked’ wearing a bib necklace.

    ( when you have a short neck you have trouble dropping your chin on your chest).

    Wear a bib necklace on a strapless dress, a simple neckline or to fill a collared shirt. Avoid an outfit with ‘busy’ prints, like flowers and strips. And keep your other jewelry simple. Bib necklaces look busy and bold and large earrings will be ‘too much’.

    What is a ‘statement necklace’?

    The definition of a statement necklace is a necklace that is unique, chunky, and grabs all the attention. Sometimes a bib variety can be called a statement necklace too when that bib necklace is unique, chunky, and attention-grabbing. Therefore the expression ‘statement necklace’ and ‘ bib necklace’ are used for both types in some descriptions.

    On the other hand, I designed a real eye-catching mesh and silver jewel. It weighs only 40 grams and is a real statement necklace. Because it is attention-grabbing, chunky, and unique (like all the jewelry of FlorenceJewelshop).

    What does it look like?

    With a statement necklace, you want to make a statement. That is that one of the first things you see is the necklace: colorful, rather large, and it is the main, defining piece of your outfit.

    All the attention goes to the chest area and when it is a bit shorter, the attention goes to your face too.

    When should you choose a statement necklace?

    When you have an outfit and it’s not ‘new’ anymore, you can wear a matching necklace and nobody will even notice that you wore that outfit before.

    If you have a simple outfit and you go to a chic occasion, you wear a statement necklace and it will become the focal point of your presence. It depends on the style whether you look simple but attention-grabbing or chic. Whatever you wear, with a statement necklace you become stylish, chic and all the compliments come your way.

    Any statement necklace in your jewelry box?

    Well, you can buy one and then that problem is solved ?. But you can ‘make’ one too!

    Choose somewhat larger varieties you already own and combine matching colors or metals and gemstones into one gorgeous statement necklace. The length can differ, the colors can be matching or in one color with somewhat other shade. Use your phantasy and think about what outfit you plan to wear and the occasion you are going to.

    Going to a chic occasion, keep it a bit simple and try to add some gold or silver chain to it.

    Modern multistrand statement choker from cork pieces.
    blue agate necklace statement (1)
    from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop (sold) statement necklace

    And then some tips wearing a statement necklace

    Your necklace is the focus, the attention-grabber, so don’t wear long or very colorful earrings. Actually don’t wear any accessories at all, besides this jewel. Maybe a pair of studs and a small bangle will do.

    Take care that it matches your neckline. The necklace should not touch your neckline or let it fall way over the neckline. Wear a monochromatic type with a colorful outfit and a colorful necklace with a plain dress or shirt.

    And what is the best length for you?

    What is the right necklace length to look fabulous? Most women wear one and a pair of earrings when they want to look great, have a party, or go to work. You have only 3 seconds to make a first impression and in those 3 seconds, the eyes mostly go to the face and neck. Therefore choosing the right necklace is important to make a great first impression. But what is the right one and what is the right length for you?

    Just a little example before we go deeper into this topic. If you have a short neck and you wear a choker, you look choked (literal) which is not beautiful. But when the length is a bit longer, your neck looks longer and the jewel can enlighten your face.

    Features to consider

    Every lady has great features. Some are eye-catching and some are a bit less. Most of the time the lady we are talking about wants to do a lot to camouflage the somewhat lesser features. And the necklace length plays an important role to get your look, looks right.

    While choosing the right type and the right length you should consider a few features:

    The shape of your face

    The right necklace frames your face and can accentuate your best facial features. And it can change the way other people perceive your face. There are some standard rules to know what type is best for the shape of your face.

    • Round face: no chokers or short ones as they accentuate the roundness of your face
    • Oval face: you are the lucky one since you can wear any type and any length you like
    • Long-shaped face: shorter types to broaden and soften the shape of your face. And you will add a horizontal line near your face to ‘shorten’ it a bit.
    • Heart-shaped face: chokers and short varieties to create the illusion of a wider chin.

    The type of your body

    • When you wear a great necklace the eye will follow the necklace line down. When you have a larger bust you might consider a shorter one to avoid the eyes going where you don’t want them. Women with a smaller bust can wear a long chain or a longer one.

    Your neck and neck size

    When you have a long neck, you will like a horizontal line near your neck so that your neck looks a bit shorter: a choker is perfect. When you have a short neck you better wear longer necklaces to enlarge your neck.

    To choose the right length you should measure the size of your neck carefully. The best way is to take a small chain and wrap that little chain closely around your neck. Measure that length and add about 2 inches/5 cm for a choker and 4 inches/10 cm for a variety with a pendant.

    Your height.

    You have to know what to want to look like when you wear a necklace. When you are small and you want to look a bit longer, you can wear long ones. And the opposite goes for taller women that want to look smaller: wear a choker (when you have a long neck) or a shorter one.

    The standard lengths?

    Length necklacePlace
    14inches/38 cmTightly around the neck
    16 inches/40 cmTightly against the base of the neck
    18 inches/42 cmOn the collarbone
    20 inches/45 cmBetween the collarbone and the bust
    22 inches/50 cmJust above the top of the bust
    24 inches/60 cmOn the bust
    36 inches/80 cmBelow the bust
    long gray pearl necklace
    long gray pearl necklace

    Calculate the right length for you?

    These standard lengths are great for standard women: but which woman is standard??? For that reason, FlorenceJewelshop wrote an ebook about what is the right necklace and length for you, especially you. In the free ebook, there is an easy way to calculate the right length.

    And that is not all that you can find in the free e-book. It is loaded with tricks and tips to choose the right beauty to make you look awesome. Just ask for it by using the form and let me know where I can send it to.

    Where can I send your free gift to?
    We respect your privacy.

    Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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