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‘jewelry shows what kind of woman you are’

About FlorenceJewelshop: My beads come from all over the world

After the death of my father, a jeweler, my mother starts making beaded pieces of jewelry. She makes awesome necklaces, with bone, glass, or plastic beads.

At the time, I am a tour operator, specializing in trips to Asia. And there they sell great gemstone beads of very high quality. And beautiful silver, made by the Karen tribe from Thailand. Every trip, I bring my mother some of these wonderful beads and she makes necklaces, which she sells.

But she always said:

‘Florence, one day all those beautiful gemstone and silver beads are yours again’.

The start of FlorenceJewelshop?

Every bead has its own story to tell

In 2005 my mother dies, and I inherit 17 kilos / 600 ounces of gemstone beads and tools. In her remembrance, I follow her steps and start to make pieces of jewelry of my own. Working with the beads I buy, in small quantities, in different countries, from all kinds of cultures. Every bead has its own story, a story I want to tell the world.

About FlorenceJewelshop: the beginning

A dear friend asks me whether she can buy one of my beauties. The feeling and pride that came over me cannot be described: someone wants to buy my jewelry, give me money for it, and wants to be beautiful with one of my creations.

That is the beginning of my company, my FlorenceJewelshop.

Starting young to learn the trade:

I could be found in my father’s jewelry shop at an early age. Starting with picking up the pearls from the broken strings and later keeping the customer’s records. At 16 years old my father made me responsible for temporary premises, where modern jewelry for young people was sold (by a shopping lady since I was at school). I bought the collection, did a mineralogy course, and ended each day with closing the cash register.

My goal was to work with my father in his jewelry business where they designed and made diamond jewelry too. That never happened due to the fact that my father got ill and had to sell the business.

My mother started her own ‘shop’ making beaded pieces of jewelry, of the beads I took for her from abroad. From her, I learned the ‘handwork’. My parents learned me to love jewelry and thought me how to design and make new pieces and run a shop. That love of my parents for jewelry has been passed over to me and I like to give you that love through my jewelry designs.


FlorenceJewelshop K 1

One of a kind jewelry

From every design I make only one piece of jewelry, you are unique, and you deserve unique jewelry. You will never meet another woman with the same piece of exclusive handmade jewelry, made by FlorenceJewelshop

About FlorenceJewelshop: my mission

My mission is to make women more beautiful by showing them what pieces of jewelry look best on them, that match their face and features, and hide their minor points (everyone has!).

Unique, handmade, and beaded exclusive designer jewelry of gemstones and (mostly) silver, made for unique and exclusive women, that make them sparkle.


FlorenceJewelshop K 8

The exclusive designer jewelry of FlorenceJewelshop is perfect for the:

  • The businesswoman who wants to get noticed and look professional
  • The working lady who wants to feel confident
  • The exclusive lady who wants to be dressed perfectly for the occasion
  • The unique lady who wants to feel great, and who glows from the attention
  • A great lady who sees that every piece of jewelry is a part of her and that special piece should express her emotion, her feelings and who attract compliments

Florence Eijck

My dream is to make beautiful pieces of jewelry

Pieces of jewelry that are loved by you. Made with beads I have personally chosen on one of my travels in and outside Europe.
That every piece of jewelry has a story, a story I like to share with you, and which fits emotionally in your world. And it is the story about FlorenceJewelshop

Necklaces that make you sparkle!

50 Tips to find the right necklace


You get only 1 to 2 seconds to make a first impression. And necklaces attract the eyes to your face. So, make sure that you make a fabulous first impression with the right necklace. The right necklace for your face, in the right length for the right neckline, and the nest one for your posture.

A lot of women wear a necklace that makes them bigger or a necklace that enlightens the ‘minor’ part of their body. And that is not what you want, do you?

In this (free) PDF, I give you 50 tips to choose the right necklaces for your posture, for your face, for the right length. 50 tips and secrets for necklaces that make you sparkle. Everything you need to make a great first impression, to look great on any occasion, and to feel beautiful and happy.

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