1+1 diamond = love

1×1 the Diamond = Love

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    The diamond is the symbol of love. And here’s why! My father is a jeweler and on the day of my birth, my parents receive as a present from their best jeweler friend a diamond. Turning 21 years old my father gives me the diamond in a solitaire ring and tells me this story. I am soooo happy with it. About 15 years later a thief steals my ring. When I hear this I lose my confidence in mankind at least for a few months.

    diamond gemstone line
    diamond gemstone line

    Later I wonder why I am so sad losing that ring. Is it the value of it, or the symbolism? Maybe because I get it from my parents on my 21st birthday and that there is no chance that I get such a present from them again? After a little while, I figure out that this ring is the symbol of love and that thief took that love from me. To be honest, I am still sad about that.

    solitair ring k
    Solitair ring with diamond

    What makes the diamond a symbol of love?

    Diamond means in the old Greek language: ‘unbeatable’. And it is an unbeatable mineral: diamond exists only of carbon and ‘made’ in the deep layers of the earth. Under high pressure and very high temperature, you mine this gemstone. Only in a few places in the world, you find it (mostly in Africa). That makes this gem very rare and expensive. On top of that only 15-20% of the stones that people find, is used to be cut and polished and make pieces of jewelry out of the material.

    Not easy to handle

    It is not so easy to cut and polish diamonds. And it is the hardest mineral on earth: on the scale of Mohr, it is hardness 10. When you see the stone before cutting is it like an ugly pebble: black and a little shiny. You lose 15-20% of the material when you cut the stone: also, therefore, they are expensive. And the value depends on the clearness of the stones. The clearer the diamond the more expensive the stone.

    But nothing beats the diamond as a symbol of love, the love that is ‘unbeatable’, that endures high pressure and is so hard that it will resist all evil? This is also the reason that you get a diamond ring for your engagement or wedding. There are jewelers in the Netherlands who make diamonds out of the ashes of your loved one (under high pressure) and make a ring or pendant out of that. In this way, you carry your loved one with you.

    The diamond, symbol of exclusiveness & love!

    A diamond is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world and that is pretty amazing for an –in origin- ugly black pebble made of carbon. Some of the reasons that they are so expensive are obvious: there are only a few places in the world where you find rough ones that are very hard to find. It cost a little fortune and a lot of time to cut them and polish them. And in that process, you lose about 15-20%  and only 20% of all diamonds that are found have enough quality to use in pieces of jewelry.

    The policy of De Beers

    Another reason why they are expensive is the policy of the De Beers Company.  You find a lot of the diamonds in South Africa en De Beers has a mining company there. At the moment,  that one finds more and more material, De Beers decides to bring every month only a few diamonds to the market. And something that is not available, is expensive.

    There are some very special diamonds, like the Cullinan; the until now biggest diamond in the world of 3106 karats. The rough diamond was found in 1905 in South Africa. After cutting in Amsterdam / The Netherlands they end up with 9 big and 96 small diamonds and use them for the crown jewels of the Queen of Great Brittain.

    English crown with the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan III
    English crown with the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan III

    Rich people love diamonds

    The most expensive diamonds belong to kings and very rich people, like the Cullinan (the biggest diamond ever found) or the Golden Jubilee, which belongs to the Thai King Bhumibol. Lately, some big and famous diamonds are auctioned and the prices go sky-high.

    It’s big business for Sotheby’s. And anybody can make a bid. The highest price for a diamond sold on an auction is for the Blue Moon Diamond. This is a diamond of 12.03 karats, blue of color and a very rich man from Hongkong buys this beauty for the price of 42 million Euro / 45 million dollars. It is a present for his seven-year-old daughter!

    ‘Love’ diamonds in auction

    Last year Sotheby auctions a huge 15.38 karats pink diamond. It is very rare that you find a diamond with that color. You have them in yellow, blue and pink. This pink diamond is cut in the drop shape and set in a ring. It is an unusual shape, but sometimes there is no option, otherwise, you lose too much of the precious material. That diamond ring is auctioned for 28 million euros or 30 million dollars. The present owner is not known; he or she is probably afraid of thieves.

    Another pink diamond ring is auctioned on the last 29th of March (2017). A new owner is a rich man from Hongkong and he pays about 71 million dollars / 67 million euro. This ring is auctioned before but the buyer does not pay for it, so they auction it again and for a higher price.

    diamonds in different colors
    diamonds in different colors

    The legendary diamond

    There are many legends about diamonds. They are symbols of protection and people attribute magical powers to the stone. The diamond is the symbol of richness. But also of pride, calling, and self-awareness.

    In most of the legends, one talks about diamonds in a positive way. But sometimes we find a story that is very negative about diamonds. Like a Swiss soldier, he steals a diamond from king Karel de Stoute and brings it to another king Henry III in France. It means bad luck ever since. The diamond Blue Hope, the Regent, and the Koh-i-Noor have a very bad curse.

    Diamond and love

    Those legends in which the diamond has a negative power are not the basis of giving a fiance or bride a diamond ring. No, it’s because the diamond is the symbol of pureness, rareness, richness, and clearness and therefore lovers give each other diamonds.

    The diamond that I get from my father when I turn out 21 years is a symbol of love. It starts with great positive powers. When it is stolen the curse starts. But it ends positively. When my mother dies (not positive at all) I inherited a beautiful diamond, that my father gave to my mother once. I have a solitaire ring made of it, as a beacon of everlasting love for my parents.

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    Hugs Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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