How to find a special gift for your #1 lady?

How to find a special gift for your #1 lady?

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    In a few weeks’ time, it is Christmas, the gift festival of the year. Months before I start thinking, about what to give my family members, best friends, etc. Not only with Christmas, but I also have the problem of coming up with a personal, always-to-remember special gift, the same goes with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I know that I make it very hard on myself, wanting to give something that is memorable, sustainable, and personal. But that is me: when I care about someone, I want the best for them.

    I’ll bet you have the same problem, especially when the lucky girl (this blog is about giving a great special gift to ladies, women, girls, girlfriends, and wives; in short females!). So I decided to give you a gift by writing this blog including many ideas about what to give to your dearest female person.

    To specify this challenge even more… what do you give a lady who has no wishes, since she has everything already, or what do you give a person who has no idea what to put on her wish list? There is only one answer to that: JEWELRY.

    Why? Jewelry is memorable, emotional, sustainable (if you keep away from the bling-bling), and personal. And if you keep away from precious gemstones, affordable.

    So the question about ‘what to give’ is solved, and that leaves the question ‘OK, Florence, can you be more specific’. And you are right, there is so much jewelry, that choice is still a hurdle to take. Don’t panic, help is on its way. Just read this blog and you will find so many tips that I bet you can find a great special gift on your own (or when you need some extra help, just email me).

    How to make your special gift personal?

    You want to give something special, something that she remembers for ages and ages. Something that will last long and every time she sees your present she has to think about you with a big smile. The only way to accomplish that is to make that special gift personal. But how do you do that?

    The best way to make your special gift unique and personal is to choose a piece of jewelry that is handmade and of which you are sure that it will not be duplicated. Then your gift is unique, just as the lady is. Take my word for it, there is nothing more annoying for a lady when she meets another woman with the same piece of jewelry (or outfit for that matter).

    And you already know that FlorenceJewelshop has unique and exclusive jewelry, that never ever will be duplicated! But there is more to consider to make a jewel personal:

    A special gift with her birthstone

    A year has 12 months and at least twelve birthstones (some months have more than one birthstone). Buying a piece of jewelry with her birthstone shows that you care and you made a real effort to find her something personal.

    Just some extra tips here:

    • A birthstone has a certain color. Make sure that this color fancies her. You can check by looking at her wardrobe. For instance, if she has her birthday in January, her birthstone is the garnet. But if she never wears that dark red color or any matching colors, then it is not a good idea to buy her a garnet piece of jewelry.
    • If her month of birth is April, then the birthstone is Diamond, which is a rather expensive gemstone. The alternative is transparent rhinestone quartz, cubic zirconia, or synthetic moissanite.
    • FlorenceJewelshop published a free e-book with all the information you want and need about birthstones. So you know what birthstone to purchase for her, with some funny facts about that stone. And you can add this (downloaded) e-book as an extra special gift.
    birthstones in stories
    birthstones in stories: a special gift and something extra to it!
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    We respect your privacy.

    A Jewelry gift with her name

    You cannot get it more personal than a piece of jewelry with her name on it. And you have so many choices, like a necklace of gold or silver with her name ‘written’ on it. Or a bracelet with a charm carrying her name. Maybe a ring with her name inside? Also here are some extra tips before purchasing your gift:

    • Make sure that her name is written the right way. Some names have different ways of spelling and you don’t want it wrong, don’t you?
    • Not every woman likes it when everybody can see what she is called. For private or security reasons it might not be the best present you want for her. Find out before the purchase.

    A jewelry gift with gemstones in her favorite color

    You want her to wear your special gift as much as possible. So you have to know what color she loves and the primary color of her wardrobe. For instance, I wear mostly black and gray. If I were a more conservative or traditional woman I could choose a piece of jewelry with black gemstones, like onyx or lava stone.

    But if your lady is more experimental or modern you might make her extremely happy with a piece of jewelry and a gemstone in a matching or opposite color, like dark red (garnet, ruby) or white (pearls, rhinestone, opal), or even blue (lapis lazuli, sapphire)

    • FlorenceJewelshop published a free color chart, where you can find all the gemstones and their color so that you can easily make your choice before purchasing. Just ask for it.

    gemstone color chart
    gemstone color chart
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    We respect your privacy.

    A jewelry gift, made in her favorite material

    You have ladies that only wear silver or only wear golden pieces of jewelry. That has something to do with the ‘color’ of her skin. And then I don’t mean that white skins look best with ‘x’ and darker skins look great with ‘y’. Even if you have ‘white’ skin your ‘color’ can differ.

    To make it easier, just find out what the lady wears normally: gold (and what color of gold, like white gold, red gold, or yellow gold) or silver. And stick to that choice, to avoid a mismatch between her and your special gift.

    What jewelry fits exactly?

    With the tips above you can imagine what color or what gemstone that special piece of jewelry must have to make it memorable for her. And when you want a piece with her name that will be clear too. But your next challenge will be whether or not the chosen piece of jewelry suits her well.

    For instance, if you decide to buy a statement bracelet as a gift and the lady has rather large hips, this special gift will not be worn as often as you want it to, since it makes her hips look even larger. But if the lady has very thin and long arms, she will love this bracelet, since it makes her arms look shorter and more voluminous.

    • FlorenceJewelshop wrote a free PDF with all the tips you need and want to choose the best piece of jewelry for her. Tips for purchasing the right necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are to be found there. This PDF makes a great special gift on top of the one you buy for her. Or a gift for yourself.
    free gifts: accentuate your best features
    free gifts: accentuate your best features
    Where can I send your free gift to?
    We respect your privacy.

    What jewelry to give when you want it to be sustainable?

    At this moment the words ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ are hot topics. And they should be when we want to save this planet. There are a few ways you can make sure that your gift has no or only a small ‘footprint’ on earth.

    You have two types of jewelry. One is fashion jewelry or bling-bling. And the other one is the more sustainable jewelry, that lasts a lifetime. Most of the time the lather jewelry is made of precious metal and possibly gemstones.

    Yes, I know… mining gold or silver and gemstones disturbs the earth and sometimes even chemicals are used to gain the material. Especially when the mining is done by hand and in less developed countries. But, when you have the material it can be used for ages and ages.

    Even when you don’t like the piece of jewelry anymore, or it is broken, you can either melt the precious metal or make another piece out of it. Or you can repair the jewelry. Or, when the jewelry is beaded, just cut the thread and make a completely new and different piece of jewelry out of it. Which you cannot do with bling-bling jewelry, made of cheap material.

    An extra tip:

    • Be sure that the precious metal is as pure as possible. That is buy 925 sterling silver or Thai silver. And don’t buy 8 or 14 carats of gold. If there is a high percentage of other metal than gold and silver in your piece of jewelry you cannot repair it or melt it.

     What style of jewelry should you choose as a gift?

    There are many styles to choose from like modern, traditional, classic or punky, and more. My advice is not to experiment with this. Have a good look at the jewelry she normally wears and stick to that style. It does not matter whether you love a certain style, the gift is for her, so she has to like it, to make it a memorable special gift.

    Let her experiment or choose the special gift together!

    What size of jewelry should you choose?

    If you are not familiar with the jewelry you might think that a small lady wears small jewelry and a large lady wears statement jewelry. Uhhhh… not really.

    The occasion is the key factor in what size of jewelry the lady wears. For instance, if she goes to town shopping, her jewelry might be small and more or less discrete. For safety reasons or just convenience.

    But if she has a party, an important meeting, or any occasion where she wants to shine and be the center of attention the size of the jewelry grows. No matter if she is small, large, well-figured, or petite.

    So if you decide to buy her an extravagant piece of jewelry, make it a bit larger or even statement. This type of jewelry is made for getting compliments and looking like the queen of the ball.

    Extra tip:

    • If the lady has problems with her neck or shoulders giving her a heavy statement piece of jewelry is not a good idea. She will have problems wearing it and that is not what you want, do you? But don’t worry, exciting and striking jewelry does not have to be heavy. You just have to take care that the weight is low, for a necklace less than 50 grams/1.8 ounces.

    What type of jewelry to choose?

    You can choose to give a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring, or a brooch. These are the most common pieces of jewelry. And of course, you can combine them in a set or parure. What you choose depends merely on your budget and on your relationship with the lady who gets your special gift.

    Starting with the relation. If you decide to give a lady a ring is completely fine if you want to propose to her, or you are married to her. If not, you have to be completely clear about your intentions, since it can be tricky if there are feelings or emotions playing around. A present, like a pair of earrings or a necklace, is more ‘neutral’.

    Depending on the precious metal and the gemstones a necklace is more expensive than a pair of earrings, and a bracelet or brooch. But a pair of diamond earrings can be way more expensive than an amethyst jewelry set!

    What now?

    A lot of questions to answer! Getting the best jewelry gift is not easy, but very rewarding if you succeed in finding the best special gift possible. And the lady who gets it will be thrilled.

    What you can do best is answer the questions from this blog. And if necessary ask for the e-books or PDFs available in FlorenceJewelshop. They are free, you just have to let me know where to send them to. And you will receive them within minutes.

    Decide what type of jewelry you like to give, a necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, or brooch, and write down which qualifications the jewelry must meet. Start looking for your special pieces of jewelry with that list in mind. You cannot get lost in this way.

    You might start with a look in the webshop of FlorenceJewelshop and you can ask my help if you get stuck in choosing the right piece of jewelry. But start early, because there is the shipping time to consider and all the pieces of jewelry are one-of-a-kind and will not be replaced. So choose before someone else steals it.

    If you know more tips to find the best jewelry gift, please let me know. I will add your tip to this blog so that more people can use your tip. And… these tips can be used for Christmas gifts, but also for other occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    Just keep giving a unique and special gift to a unique lady. Make her happy and let your special gift be a memorable one she will always remember.

    Good luck, and hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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