1 awesome string of shell pearls, go for it!

1 awesome string of shell pearls, go for it!

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    Shell pearls are most of the time not very popular with fashionistas, they pull their nose when they see a piece of jewelry made of shell pearls. So let them be! Is choosing shell pearls good or bad? In this blog post, I tell you ‘when it is better to choose shell pearls’. And I prove to you that shell pearls are not only very beautiful, very durable, but also stunning. Read on.

    What are shell pearls exactly?

    Shell pearls are man-made from the nacre part (or mother of pearl) of the shell of an oyster. That shell is ground to a very fine powder and after that, the powder is shaped into a pearl, it’s coated and polished. The coating consists of the nacre of a natural pearl to give it luster.

    This kind of pearl had many layers of nacre and that’s the reason that this type of pearl is durable and beautiful. The materials are the same as the material of a natural pearl or freshwater pearl is made of. Shell pearls are pearls, but manmade.

    Of course, they are not natural pearls, and looking in this way the shell pearls are fake. But they are man-made, just like the lab-created pearl or the synthetic pearl, because they are made from the same ingredients as the real pearl. Only the process is different.

    The brooch is made of emerald, abalone shell, ruby, shell pearls.
    The brooch is made of emerald, abalone shell, ruby, shell pearls.
    Shell pearls and natural pearl bracelet from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop (sold)
    Shell pearls and natural pearl bracelet from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop (sold)

    When to consider buying shell pearls?

    There are many reasons why these pearls are a wise choice. Maybe your budget does not allow buying natural pearls, or you need a strong durable bead for a bracelet, a necklace, or a pair of earrings. Or you have to take medicine, that makes a natural pearl lose its luster. Possibly you want a certain size and color and neither the size nor the shape is available. Let’s have a closer look into this.


    A shell pearl is man-made, the quality can be controlled and this type of pearl has so many layers that it is very hard to break them. They are made of the same material as the natural pearls, but since they are shaped by men, you can get pearls all of the same size, color, and weight. This makes a necklace extraordinarily beautiful (and affordable).

    These kinds of pearls are not being affected by perfume, medicine, sweat, detergents. So don’t worry when you sprayed perfume or hairspray. That is, you have to wipe the spray off with a soft cloth, but your pearls will not be affected (maybe only sticky!)

    Natural pearls will last for about 100 years or so. Although archeologists have found natural pearls in Pompeii, that are in perfect shape. But they were covered by ash for a long time. A shell pearl will last forever and ever and ever. AND, they will look the same as you first bought them. That is when you bought a good-quality shell pearl.

    Choice in shape and color

    When you love a bit larger pearls for your necklace or earrings, or when you want a special color that matches your outfit? Check shell pearls out!

    Since one can make the perfect pearl, your necklace or bracelet made of shell pearls look perfect too. Every pearl has the same weight, size, and color, and that equality makes your piece of jewelry extraordinary. Because a shell pearl is handmade the producers can make them in all kinds of colors, weights, and sizes. I cannot believe that you cannot find your choice.


    Natural pearls are expensive and when you want the larger size you pay a fortune for good quality pearls. Glass pearls are no way to go, so a great choice is a piece of jewelry made of shell pearls. They are affordable, you have a kind of price range.
    And they look awesomely beautiful and exquisite. So why don’t have a look at them, when you want to buy a pearl necklace, bracelet or earrings.

    How to tell what is what?

    It is difficult to see what pearl is a shell pearl and which one is the real one. There are some ‘tricks’:

    • Real pearls are about 90% more expensive than the shell pearls. There are no cheap natural pearls, so don’t fall into a ‘bargain’.
    • Shell pearls can come in all colors of the rainbow. Real pearls are limited in colors. If your pearls have a stunning but artificial, non pearly color, they are shell pearls. But beware: you have natural pearls that are colored and natural pearls with a blackish, brownish, a kind of golden and pinkish color.

    A jeweler designer delight: the shell pearl.

    Another aspect to consider is the hardness of a shell pearl. As a jeweler designer, I love working with pearls in combination with other gemstones. When I use natural pearls the gemstones can harm the natural pearls. To avoid that I have to knot the necklace or bracelet, and sometimes I don’t want that (doesn’t always look good).

    Using these pearls solves that problem. These types of pearls are stronger and the gemstones cannot harm the pearls. Even silver beads or chips don’t damage the pearl.

    The buyer’s way of handling pearls

    Wearing natural pearls demands a certain way of handling them, to keep them beautiful. You have to take care of perfume, hairspray, detergent. You have to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and you have to store them carefully.

    Some pearl lovers want to wear their pearl strings to work. And some work is not really suitable for wearing precious pearls, like people who have to work with chemicals, or people who have to work in sweaty circumstances. I advise these women to wear shell pearls. They will look stunning and their shell pearls will stay in top condition.

    In this blog post, I presented you with a lot of arguments about choosing shell pearls for your pieces of jewelry. I like to hear what you think of shell pearls or that you still prefer the natural pearl and why.

    If you fell in love with pearls and especially with shell pearls and you want to know more about it? FlorenceJewelshop published an e-book, where you find every you want to know about pearls. It is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.

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    Hug Florence of FlorenceJewelshop

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