1 rose quartz is the only love stone you need!

1 rose quartz is the only love stone you need

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    My mother loved gemstones. She even got from my father a ring and 12 little gemstone balls, which she could add to the ring, one at a time. One of the balls was made of rose quartz, and I thought the very light pink color could not go on its own.

    You needed another color to show the beautiful light pink. My father explained to me that this was the strength of this pink gemstone: she looked better together with another gem. So a perfect love stone!

    But there is so much more to tell about this beautiful gem!

    rose quartz gemstone line
    Rose quartz gemstone line

    Rose quartz is a very ‘old’ gem.

    You will find many stories and facts about this beauty in history and legends. Let us start with the history.

    Many archeologists have found evidence of the use of rose quartz in history, in times very long ago. They found proof that rose quartz beads are already used for more than 10.000 years in ancient empires, like Mesopotamia, Assyria, Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

    The gemstone was used for making jewelry like pendants and necklaces, but also for seals and decorative objects. They found stone masks, made of this material in Egyptian and Roman tombs.

    It is said that rose quartz could clear the complexion, remove wrinkles and prevent aging. And therefore very popular with the Egyptians (and with us in Modern Times, since we are using rose quartz face rollers, don’t we?).

    The pendants were used as potent talismans by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. And the Romans had rose quartz seals to signify ownership.

    rough rose quartz
    Rough rose quartz
     Polished rose quartz
    Polished rose quartz

    In legends

    Rose quartz has many meanings, depending on the time and the culture. Like in the Americas this gem was known as the ‘love stone’ because it should balance emotion and could heal anger and disappointment.

    The Egyptian goddess Isis, was the god of motherhood and fertility. Since she looked always young, without getting older, she was supposed to bring life and beauty, due to the fact that she wore rose quartz.

    It is said that the reason for her young complexion was rubbing her forehead with the pink gemstone, and also rubbing her eyes and cheeks to ward off wrinkles.

    And not only those qualities were catching the eyes of the people, but also the belief that the rose quartz had the power of love and healing, when you hold the gem close to your heart, was a reason to carry it close to your heart.

    Aphrodite and Adonis

    In mythological stories, the rose quartz played a significant role, like in the story of Aphrodite and Adonis.

    Adonis was the god of the plants and rebirth. And he was deeply in love with goddess Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love and beauty. After a while, Aphrodite got obsessed with Adonis, which was not liked by her former lover Ares, the god of the war.

    Ares was looking for revenge and he changed himself into a wild boar, mortally wounded Adonis in an attack. The screaming of Adonis was heard by Aphrodite, who came down from heaven to help him. But doing so the hurt herself on a briar bush.

    She held her lover in her arms and their blood dripped on the ground to form anemones and rose quartz gems when it stained on some white quartz. That quartz turned into light pink.

    Zeus, the master of the gods, saw what was happening and allowed the deceased Adonis to come back to Aphrodite for six months a year. And the rose quartz, the symbol of their love became known as the ‘love stone’, and the symbol of undying love and reconciliation.

    Angel skin color rose quartz with diamonds brooch.
    Rose quartz massage roller
    Rose quartz massage roller

    Eros or Cupid

    There is another story about the love stone rose quartz, about Eros (or Cupid in Roman mythology), the god of love desire, and attraction.

    In the myth, it goes that he brought the light pink rose quartz from heaven (the mountain Olympus). This gem was already known as a love stone and by bringing it down Eros would like to spread love and romance around the mortal world.

    What are the best features of rose quartz?

    The looks

    The rose quartz can occur in a lot of shades from soft and pale, to deep and reddish-pink. The exact color pink depends on the minerals added in nature while forming the rose quartz, like manganese, iron, or titanium.

    Be careful when you wear this gem too long into the sun since the color can be fading.

    Some pieces of this semiprecious gemstone contain rutile needles so that you see an asterism of star shape if you take the gem into the light.

    You find this gem in rather huge stones and will be later cut in all kinds of shapes to use as gems in jewelry. The cut can be cabochon, free shape, or even faceted. Although it is quartz (also known as Hyaline quartz), it is rarely found as a crystal, but more in a massive form.

    This gemstone has a vitreous luster and more or less translucent transparency. That is it can be smoky or cloudy, but also clear or translucent.

    Rose quartz is rather hard, 7 on the scale of Moh. That is that it can be scratched by gems or objects that are harder, like diamonds or ruby, or hard household utensils.

    The name

    The name ‘rose quartz’ includes two words. The first one refers to the color of the gemstone. And the second one is the form in which this gem occurs.

    It is also called Hyaline quartz, after the Greek word ‘Hyalos’, which means ‘glass’. Some say that the last part of the name (‘quartz’) comes from the Greek word ‘krustallos’, meaning ‘ice’.

    Where to find it?

    Rose quartz is not a gem that is hard to find. But the best ones come from Brazil, India, Madagascar, and South Africa. The pieces from Brazil are regarded as the best quality, especially when they are mined near Galileia in Minas Gerais.

    But also in the United States, there are enough rose quartz deposits, like in South Dakota, where this gem is the official state mineral.

    Which is the real rose quartz?

    Even the ‘love stone’ can be fake. Hard to believe, but that’s reality. Luckily it is not too hard to recognize the fake copies.

    The best and easiest way is to check the color of the stone. It should be pale to medium pink, any color more bright could be dyed. And you can look for cracks in the stone. If the color is darker pink at the cracks, you must be careful, since it is an indication of faux.

    The healing and physical capacities

    It will not come as a surprise to you that this ‘love stone’ has anything to do with the heart and relations. It is an excellent helper to heal old ‘love’ wounds, find new love, bond better with someone else, and find better relationships, actually, anything to do with love is going smoother with rose quartz nearby.

    Besides the above, it is helpful in raising more self-esteem, restoring confidence, and releasing stress, tension, and anger. It can help prevent heart attacks and thrombosis.

    A completely different feature is that the rose quartz may help to protect the mother and the unborn child throughout the pregnancy, because of the deep feminine energy of this pink gem.

    It is said that expecting mothers may place rose quartz on their stomachs to create a bond between them and the child.

    And last but not least is that the rose quartz is used as sleep therapy. Put a pink gem under your pillow and you will wake up more energized and inspired.

    Great combinations

    At the beginning of this blog, I told you about the little gemstone balls in all colors that my mother could add to her ring. And that I loved the rose quartz, but rather in combination with other colors.

    According to old traditions, there are some combinations favorable for certain zodiac signs. So the ladies born under the cancer sign should benefit from the combination of pearl and rose quartz in a piece of jewelry (or in a jewelry set).

    The Virgo ladies benefit from rose quartz in combination with jasper, Pisces women should combine this pink love stone with aquamarine or amethyst. And the under Taurus sign born ladies have to look for the combination with amethyst.

    But don’t worry if you are not born under one of the mentioned zodiac signs. You can wear rose quartz any time. And the combination with for instance labradorite (blueish gray) and other quartzes look awesome too, although not connected with a zodiac sign.

    Nice to know facts about the rose quartz

    In some gemstone systems, the rose quartz is the birthstone for January and the traditional wedding present for the second anniversary. This popular gem was the favorite of Cixi, the Chinese Empress Dowager. And of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

    The pink quartz was first discovered in the 1880s in Custer, South Dakota. You can find it in the open air on the ground or underground. At that same place, a lot of other semi-precious gems were mined. But still, rose quartz became the official mineral stone of this state.

    The point of this blog is that if you want to be loved, or you have heartaches, you want a relationship, or anything else that has something to do with love… you’d better wear a piece of jewelry set with rose quartz.

    Just keep in mind that ‘when this does not help, it surely does not hurt’. And in any case, you wear a stunning piece of gemstone, that matches a lot of colors.

    When you are interested in birthstones, or gemstones in general, ask for the free PDF, made by FlorenceJewelshop. You will find a lot of information there, and it is an excellent add-on gift when you want to give a piece of jewelry with a gemstone to a loved one.

    The good thing is that this PDF is free of charge. Just let me know to whom I can send it.

    birthstones in stories
    birthstones in stories
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