Wear awesome earrings with 0 problems!

Wear awesome earrings with 0 problems!

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    Earrings are beautiful pieces of jewelry, and they are extremely popular. And not without reason. Do you know that you have only 3 seconds to make s stunning first impression? And in those 3 seconds, people first look at your head, and the closest piece of jewelry is … right… your earrings.

    Since they are so popular and everybody seems to have at least one pair, I get quite a few questions from people that love to wear them but have some problems with them too. Like they lose them (most of the time only one), they get stuck in your hair, they are too heavy or ladies don’t know which type to wear when they have short or long hair.

    No worries, in this blog you will find answers and if you want to know more about what kind of earrings looks best on you, scroll completely down and ask for the free e-book.

    Let’s start!

    You can read the whole blog, or you click on the table of content and choose the part you like.

    Long hair

    Your hairstyle and the shape of your face are important to choose the right earrings, that make you sparkle. My client José asked me what type looks best with her beautiful long hair. Of course, it is a matter of taste, but there are some general things to consider when you choose when you have long hair.

    Earrings and your hairstyle attract someone’s eyes to your face. And your face is the most important body part when you communicate. So your jewelry and hairstyle should be matching and not compete with one another to look stunning. There are many hairstyles and many types of earrings, so the combination possibilities are nearly endless. The six main styles are the chandeliers, clusters, dangles, hoops, studs, and teardrops. Since the hoops, and studs are the most versatile of the six and they go with almost every hairstyle and shape of the face. So these ones are great to have in your jewel box.

    What to wear with long hair?

    • The best ones that will frame your face when you are wearing an updo or a pixie crop cut are dangle variety. In this case, there is no hair available to frame your facial features and earrings can do this. Dangles can elongate your neck and face and someone’s eyes will be attracted to your face and especially to your eyes and mouth. You can find dangle copies for every style and occasion.
    • When you are wearing your long hair down you best wear cluster ones. Clusters are made from a few gemstones and silver or gold and they don’t dangle. And that’s a good thing since dangle earrings will become tangled easily in your long hair.

    and some more tips…

    • It is very trendy to wear your long hair in a bun. A bun looks elegant and sophisticated and your earrings should be too, like drop-down ones.
    • With ponytails and braids, you better wear teardrops and chandelier earrings. You can elongate your shape of the face with these type.
    Golden earrings, found in Palmyra (Syria), 600 BC
    Teardrop earrings, made of diamonds and emeralds in the Art Deco style.

    Create a certain look with earrings and hairstyle?

    Long hair looks very feminine and quite a few women love this hairstyle. And with long hair you have such a lot of possibilities to change your look:

    • With beaded or gemstone earrings, you can create a perfect retro or gypsy look when you keep your long hair down. The ones made of beads and feathers give you a Boho look.
    • Studs will create a more business look. And you could updo your hair and leave a few strings of hair out of your bun for a bit of nonchalance.
    • And for a special occasion updo your hair and wear extra-large statement or large earrings in stunning color.

    It’s all about the right combination between hairstyle and earrings, the right balance will give you an absolutely stunning look. And I will bet that José will have enough information to look gorgeous with her long hair and the right earrings.

    Short hair

    You have to look at two things when you choose the right earrings for your face: your hairstyle (long hair, short hair, hair up) and your face shape. In this blog, I will tell you all about which ones look best on you when you have short hair.

    Some advisers say that when you wear your hair short you should not wear statement earrings, but they are very wrong. You will look great with large gorgeous earrings and your short haircut.

    Which ones look best when you have short hair?

    • You can wear large statement earrings or studs when you have short hair. The trick is to attract someone’s eyes to your face. And you can do that with shiny faceted gemstone copies. Or you wear the dangling ones when you have a round face shape or large hoops when the shape of your face is longer. Just take care that your short hair and the earrings are in balance.
    best ear jewelry for ladies with short hair
    Crown Princess Mary with chandelier earrings.

    and more tips…

    • Choose earrings that compliment your hair color. When you have a light brown or highlighted hair color you best wear gold or gold-colored ones, to feel the warmth of the colors. A darker or cool hair color matches better with silver and somewhat lighter earrings.
    • When you have short hair that shows your ear lobs you could consider wearing earrings jackets and cuffs. These ones in combination with short hair give a fresh and modern look. A single color cuff makes you more elegant and classy looking. But when you want to look more feminine consider wearing faceted shiny gemstone cuffs.

    The best advice I can give you on this matter is wearing those ones that balance with your hairstyle in general and short hair specific. Short hair should bring attention to your face and the earrings should add something extra so that people will notice you!

    Stop from tangle in your hair

    There is one thing I don’t like about wearing them. I have curly hair and must find a way how to stop earrings from tangling in my hair.

    They are so beautiful and can make you look stunning. But there are women who don’t like to wear them. Not because they are too heavy or another physical reason. But because they are getting tangled all the time in their hair, clothing, or shawls. In this blog, I will give you 5 ways how to stop them from tangling your hair and clothes:

    • The easiest way to stop them from tangling in your hair is to raise your hair. In this way, your earrings will elongate your neck and you will look stunning. Especially when you wear a bit longer variety. This is a great way of wearing them and look absolutely lovely.
    • Most of the time the reason that you want to stop them from tangling your hair or clothing is that the wire is too long or too wide. You can alter this by cutting a piece from the little stick in the case of studs. And file the end so that this part is not too sharp. The end of the stud should be sticking about 0,5 cm / 0.19 inch out of the back of your ear. That is including the backs or back levers that keep the earring at its place. When the ear wire is too wide you can bend it a bit so that the end of the ear wire cannot tangle your hair and you will be able to stop them from tangling.

    and more tips…

    • When you want to wear your earrings and want to stop them from tangling don’t wear woolen high sweaters. Stick to the smooth silk or cotton ones. So that they slide over the material instead of hooking themselves into the material.
    • You can stop them from tangling when you wear heavier earrings. They tangle less with your hair and clothing than lighter ones. Because of their weight tot end to fall down and not sidewards into your hair.
    • They look best on you when they are longer or shorter than your jaw. When you wear woolen clothing keep your earrings shorter than your jaw. And when you wear silk or smooth cotton shirts you can wear the ones that are longer than your jaw. And in this way, you stop them from tangling.

    Curly hair

    Then I would like to give special attention to the women who have curly hair and want to wear them. Curly hair and earrings are not a perfect combination since the hair can often get caught in your earrings. The best advice is to wear studs to stop them from tangling since tangling is unlikely.

    When you would like to wear statement earrings with your curly hair I would advise you to look for hoops. Hoops are round and they don’t tangle fast with your hair. And when it happens untangling is not a big deal. You have hoops in so many different sizes and textures, that you will find a pair that looks great on you.

    Greta Garbo in the movie Romance wearing stunning statement earrings.
    Greta Garbo in the movie Romance wearing stunning statement earrings.
    and again Greta Garbo with her earrings attached to her head to lift the heavy weight of them.
    and again Greta Garbo with her earrings attached to her head to lift the heavy weight of them.

    Heavy statement earrings

    The statement variety is trendy nowadays. And be honest, they look awesome on you, when you choose the right ones, that match your face (for more information ask for my free e-book). The only thing that can keep you away from those gorgeous statement earrings, is their weight.

    When they are too heavy?

    Statement earrings are large, long, voluminous, and sometimes heavy. When you want to wear them for a short time, that is not a problem. But after a few hours, they don’t feel so comfortable anymore.

    When you wear them too long, the hole in your earlobe can get larger and larger. And there is a chance that your earlobe cuts in two parts. It is painful and not a great sight.

    Conquer the weight?

    There is a way to wear your statement earrings without any problems. Without feeling the weight anymore. Maybe a bit funny, but it works!

    You need some surgical tape, but also normal tape will do. Then some scissors and a mirror and you are set. Cut about 2 centimeters or 0.8 inches and fold the tape in a way that both sides stick ( fold both ends of the tape towards each other and stick one part on the other. You end up with a little round with the glue on both ends).

    Press that tape on the backside of your earlobe, in a way that the hole is covered. Repeat that for the other ear. When you wear ones with a backend, you put them through the hole of your ear, through the tape, and press the back end on the earring.

    When you have earrings with ear wires, you can do the same, and either you press the end of the ear wire on the tape. Or when you want to be sure, you can put a small piece of tape over the ear wire on the earlobe.

    This way you will not feel your heavy earrings, you will not tear your ear holes. And another advantage is that you will not lose them!

    black agate statement earrings
    black agate statement earrings from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop
    Diamond and sapphire Art Deco earrings

    The royal way to deal with the weight

    The life of a royal is not a bed of roses. You should not only behave neatly at all times, but you also have to look sparkling. Female royals owe the most beautiful and expensive jewelry you can imagine. Often decorated with a lot of diamonds and other gemstones, which makes the jewel rather heavy.

    In the Netherlands we have a saying ‘wie mooi wil zijn, moet pijn lijden’ or in English ‘no pain, no gain’. And that is always the case with the heavy earrings a royal wears. Those ones are already for ages in the family and you would not think of the idea that you lose one. Or that you cannot wear them at all anymore because the hole in your ear stretched out.

    A royal event probably takes quite a while and it takes ages when you have to walk around with sore, red ears. But those royal ladies are clever and they have a trick to levy the weight.

    What they do is the following: You attach the earrings to a kind of hook and that hook goes behind your ear and is attached at the top. That way the whole ear carries the weight of the heavy jewel and not just the earlobe. And another advantage is that it is extra security to prevent losing precious and expensive earrings.

    The royal solution to lift the weight of this jewel
    The royal solution to lift the weight of this jewel
    Indian wedding jewelry

    How to stop losing one?

    Earrings are great pieces of jewelry and you look stunning with them… when you wear some that match your face. But there is one thing my clients complain about ‘how to stop losing your earrings’. And you never lose two of them, and what can you do with the ‘left-overs’.

    How to stop losing them in the first place:

    • Studs are those tiny little ones with a little stick and an ear nut and you can lose them easily. When your studs are not too expensive and too fragile you could stick them on the dress or shirt that matches your earrings and hang them in your closet (not fold them). It’s much harder losing them this way and you keep them handy.
    • You lose studs easily when you don’t push the ear nuts or earring backs as far as possible in the direction of your ear. When there is space between the ear nut and your ear they can get tangled and the ear nut will easily get loose and your stud is gone.
    • When they have ear wires and the two parts of the ear wires are too far away from each other, you can lose them easily. The ear wires get tangled in your hair or clothing and the earring will get out of your ear and it’s gone. Best you bend the two parts of the ear wire a bit to each other when you have problems with the tangling. That prevents losing them altogether.
    • Another way to lose your earrings is when you leave them on your bed table or in an appropriate place. Put them always in a jewel box or special drawer to keep them safe.

    And then you lose one of them after all:

    • Ask the jeweler whether he or she can make another one that matches the ‘left-over’. It is a rather expensive way and maybe not always possible, but you could try.
    • Luckily for you, it is very trendy to wear two different earrings at the same time. So when you lost a stud, you could try to find another earring with ear wire and what is longer to form a new pair. When you lose one of them with an ear wire you can try to find a matching stud. You can match according to the same material or the same color or matching colors (one color shade is very elegant).
    • Or purchase always 2 pairs of earrings of the same design, when you are ‘the losing type’, so that you always have an earring at hand.

    When you have any questions or when you know another way to stop losing your earrings, please let me know by emailing me by using the contact form.  

    Do you know you have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression? Only 3 seconds, not 1-second longer! Most of the time people look at your face first when they meet you. So it is important that you wear earrings that make you sparkle, that enlightens your face, that makes you stunning.

    But what earrings look best on you? Which ones make your beautiful eyes sparkle? What type match best with your shape of the face? Do you know what the shape of your face is? And what earrings can you wear best when you wear your hair long, or short? And what to do when they are too heavy and you get a headache wearing them for a long time? A lot of questions, but I bet you want some answers.

    FlorenceJewelshop published a brand new practical PDF with all the answers to the questions you might have. And a lot of tips to make you look gorgeous with the right earrings. Do you want that PDF? Well, it is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.

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    Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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