brown gem necklace


This unique and exclusive brown gem necklace is made of brown jasper beads in different shapes, Tibetan agate, and Thai silver beads. The necklace is finished with a Thai silver toggle clasp.

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Look stunning and feel confident. You will be seen with this beautiful brown gem necklace. Get a lot of compliments! And don’t be afraid to meet another woman with the same necklace. This brown gem necklace is one-of-a-kind, just like you!

This unique and exclusive brown gem necklace is made of brown jasper beads in different shapes, Tibetan agate, and Thai silver beads. The necklace is finished with a Thai silver toggle clasp.

You look and feel beautiful with this brown gem necklace. Wear it to work or at social events and all the compliments come your way!

Every bead in the brown gem necklace has a story

You have many types of jasper, in different colors. These jasper beads are speckled and have 2 colors, brown, and off-white. In this necklace, you see round beads and beads in the shape of a diabolo. I bought the jasper in the city of Jasper in Canada.

The Tibetan agate beads look like small paintings, made with different colors. The beads are called Tibetan agate, but I bought them in Cyprus.

The little ornaments are made of Thai silver. Thai silver contains 97% silver (sterling silver has 92% silver), and 3% another metal. These beads are made by the Karen tribe, who live in Northern Thailand and Laos. For centuries they made silver-decorated beads.

The offer:

  • this brown gem necklace is made of brown jasper beads in different shapes, Tibetan agate, and Thai silver beads. The necklace is finished with a Thai silver toggle clasp.
  • the length is 44 cm / 17.3 inches and the necklace weighs 60 grams /2.11 ounces
  • the length can be altered without any costs when indicated before the shipment
  • the color is brown, orange, white, a little black, silver
  • the brown gem necklace is ready for shipment (add 2 days when you apply for alterations)

The offer includes also:

  • an organza bag
  • a digital e-book about ‘birthstones’, especially made for you and not available in my shop (value €35)
  • when you need advice, apply for a Skype meeting (mail to: [email protected]) and I show you the necklace ‘live’ too (20 minutes, value €50)

And there is more…

Have you worn a beautiful dress or shirt many times? Wear this brown gem necklace. Everybody will think you’re wearing something new! Do you want to get attention with a unique piece of jewelry? Wear this brown gem necklace and all the compliments come your way.

Do you have an important meeting and you want people to listen to you? Wear this brown gem necklace and the attention of the people is drawn to your necklace and your lips. They will listen to you! And admire you for your good taste.

For the price of 2 decent meals you get all the compliments, look stunning, and feel beautiful and confident. Turn an ordinary outfit into a show-stopper with this brown gem necklace. One of a kind and like no other, it is designed just for you, or as a gift for someone truly special.

One-of-a-kind means only 1 available

FlorenceJewelshop designs and makes one-of-a-kind pieces of beaded design jewelry, made of gemstones and precious metals. No duplicates are made of our handmade gemstone jewelry. That makes our handmade beaded jewelry ánd your design necklace unique.

But… there is only one available! If you fall in love with this brown gem necklace, make sure it will become yours and order straight away, before someone beats you.

Unique brown gem necklace

  • One-of-a-kind necklace: FlorenceJewelshop uses every design only once and that design will not and can not be duplicated. My material is hand-picked and globally sourced. I don’t take large amounts of gemstone beads back home from one of my travels. So you own an exclusive jewel, that is unique in this world.
  • Great value for money: I pay a decent price to the gemstone trader and check the quality of every bead. You don’t buy a piece of mass production, but a handmade piece of art. For the woman with good taste.
  • Price: cannot be compared with a mass-production item. But you pay less than a decent meal for two, buying one of my jewels, and you enjoy it longer.
  • Quality: the knowledge and craftsmanship of making and designing jewelry are passed from generation to generation in my family. After my CEO career, I started FlorenceJewelshop (2005) and know by experience what women ‘need’ to look like in business, how women want to express themselves with unique jewelry, and how to make that happen.
  • Only one available: as stated before there is only one brown gem necklace in my collection and once sold there is no other available. When you love it, buy it, before someone else looks stunning with this beautiful handmade beaded gemstone necklace.

Additional information


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Brown, Silver, White


Agate, Jasper, Thai silver

Photography Details

FlorenceJewelshop makes photo’s of the pieces of jewelry with the help of a lightbox and special lenses, to show you all the details. When your desktop screen, tablet or phone is not calibrated the colors can be a little bit different than the original. The same goes for the size of the piece of jewelry. Please check for the right measurements of the ‘product details’.

Shipping information

  • Our standard shipping method is ‘registered mail’, which means that your purchase will be sent with a track&trace code from the Netherlands.
  • Upgrade your shipping when you want your purchase to be sent insured (max €500 per parcel). 

To be on the safe side we advise choosing for the upgrade to registered mail including insurance. When FlorenceJewelshop has sent your purchase the post office is responsible for the safe deliverance of your purchase. 

Your purchase will be nicely packed in an organza bag. The outer box will be a recycled box, and for safety reasons, you cannot see that it comes from FlorenceJewelshop.

Please note that estimated delivery times may vary, due to customs and internal postal troubles in your country. We cannot be responsible for delays caused by the postal system.  Purchase in time to avoid stress or ‘overtime’ deliverance. FlorenceJewelshop is dedicated to meet stated processing times. 

Buyers are responsible for all duties and customs fees. 

Custom order

FlorenceJewelshop designs and makes unique pieces of gemstone jewelry. Please, contact me if you want something special made for you.

Contact: use the contact form or email me at [email protected]


You can find the shop policies of FlorenceJewelshop in the footer.

  • FlorenceJewelshop sends from the Netherlands to your address. Your purchase is packed in an anonymous recycled box (security). Inside is your nicely wrapped piece of jewelry, including an organza bag and some protection material. The box is sent by registered mail. But I strongly advise asking for the insured shipment option (mail to: [email protected])
  • Although it did not happen before there is a slight chance that this piece of jewelry is not exactly what you wanted. You can change it for another jewel. The price difference minus the shipment costs will be settled. See the policy statement (footer) for the details.
  • You pay through Paypal, Ideal, or via my bank account.
  • After the purchase, you receive an email with extra information about the purchase, and the e-book about birthstones.


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