1 ruby zoisite can make you happy!

1 great Ruby zoisite can make you happy!

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    Nowadays you can do with some relaxation, with feeling vital, with a little abundance and prosperity and with positive feelings. This gemstone can make these things come true, but do you know that ruby zoisite makes you happy too?

    ruby zoisite gemstone line
    ruby zoisite gemstone line

    All these great features are linked with this gorgeous gemstone. There is no guarantee that you get all this when you wear a piece of jewelry with ruby zoisite, but the gemstone is beautiful and so why don’t you give it a try?

    What is this gemstone exactly?

    This green and red gemstone is a natural combination of the red ruby, with the green zoisite and some black hornblende. And this all in one stone. The largest mines are in Tanzania where it is discovered in 1949 by Tom Blevins. He thinks he finds ruby… oops, mistake, it is ruby zoisite. Later the gemstone they find in Zambia and India. Sometimes it is called anyolite, which means ‘green’ in the Masai language.

    It is not as hard as ruby, which is 9 on the scale of Moh, but gem cutters make beautiful and sometimes large cabochons and decoration items of this gem. The hardness is between 6-7 and is has a great luster. And faceted beads are a bit rare, but stunning in necklaces and earrings. I love the combination of ruby zoisite with amethyst. It gives just that little extra. And it combines beautifully with malachite also.

    What does the combination of ruby and zoisite for you?

    To start with… all the alleged features of any gemstone are not (yet) scientifically proven. So don’t wear a gemstone as medicine, but go to a doctor if necessary.

    The red ruby is the symbol of fire and the green zoisite of the earth. An ideal combination of regaining your balance and energy. For helping out when you have trouble finding the right balance between patience and mood swings. And it is the astrological gemstone for the sign of Aries and the sign of Aquarius.

    Wearing a piece of jewelry with this gem cleans the mind from negativity, you get more passionate to reach your goals due to more motivation and confidence. And what attracts me most about this gemstone is that it forms the link between the heart and the brain. The heart and the brain start working together and not one of the two gets bossy.

    With two colors in this gemstone, there is a kind of balance that gives you more relaxation, more happiness, and therefore more wealth (in a spiritual way). Say goodbye to depressions, to negative thoughts, and to high blood pressure

    ruby zoisite
    ruby zoisite

    How to keep the ruby zoisite in great shape?

    This gemstone is rather hard (6 to 7 on the scale of Moh), but even then, just try to avoid hard knocks. Therefore I don’t recommend using it in a ring. Due to the hardness of 6 to 7 don’t expose the gemstone to strong heat or sudden temperature changes.

    Ruby Zoisite does not like acid or other cleaning fluids, including chemicals. You best clean the gem with a soft cloth or with water and soap. But be sure all the soap is gone after you store it in a soft cloth.

    The best you can do is wearing your ruby zoisite jewelry at social events, to work, etc. But not while sporting or cleaning.

    I’ll bet that you have more pieces of jewelry, that need some extra care. Your precious jewelry stays beautiful when you store it properly and if it gets dirty, that you clean it carefully. You can really ruin your jewelry if you make a mistake while cleaning it. If you are not sure you better ask jewelry to do it for you.

    If you want to know more about how to clean and store your precious jewelry, ask for the free PDF. Just let me know where I can send it to.

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    Hugs, Florence of FlorenceJewelshop

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