What jewelry do you wear to a special occasion?

- looking fabulous, without being 'overdressed' -

There were times, long ago, that you got twice a year new clothes, a new set to wear at Eastern and one for Christmas. The new outfit was supposed to be worn on Sundays and special occasions.

 And when you wore your new clothes you had to sit still the whole day, not to ruin them. I don’t know about you, but I did not like my new clothes at all. That is before they were discarded as our daily wear.

Now we are adults and due to different circumstances we still have out decent clothes that we wear to visit our family or friends, to social events and more. And we have even jewelry for daily wear and special occasions.

Do you also feel a challenge coming up?

What outfit should you wear to what occasion, and what jewelry matches best?

Most of the ladies don’t want to be ‘overdressed’ and feel embarrassed. But you certainly don’t want to look ‘under-dressed’ either. And show the world that you don’t know ‘how it’s supposed to be’.

What jewelry to wear at a special occasion?

In this little booklet you will find:

  • General tips on what jewelry to wear to special events
  • Specific tips on what jewelry to wear with a specific dress code

These great tips are very helpful in choosing the right jewelry, to look stunning, without being ‘over-jeweled’, and feeling confident.

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  • How to keep your jewelry beautiful
  • What jewelry makes you sparkle with Christmas

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