Stop losing 1 of your earrings!

Stop losing 1 of your earrings!

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    Earrings are great pieces of jewelry and you look stunning with them… when you wear your earrings that match your face. But there is one thing my clients complain about ‘how to stop losing your earrings’. And you never lose two of them, and what can you do with the ‘left-overs’.

    How to stop losing your earrings in the first place:

    • Studs are those tiny little earrings with a little stick and an ear nut and you can lose them easily. When your studs are not too expensive and too fragile you could stick them on the dress or shirt that matches your earrings and hang them in your closet (not fold them). It’s much harder losing your earrings this way and you keep them handy.
    • You lose studs easily when you don’t push the ear nuts or earring backs as far as possible in the direction of your ear. When there is space between the ear nut and your ear they can get tangled and the ear nut will easily get loose and your stud is gone.
    • When your earrings have ear wires and the two parts of the ear wires are too far away from each other, you can lose them easily. The ear wires get tangled in your hair or clothing and the earring will get out of your ear and it’s gone. Best you bend the two parts of the ear wire a bit to each other when you have problems with the tangling. That prevents losing your earrings altogether.
    • Another way to lose your earrings is when you leave them on your bed table or in an appropriate place. Put your earrings always in a jewel box or special drawer to keep them safe.

    And then you lose one earring after all:

    • Ask the jeweler whether he or she can make another earring that matches the ‘left-over’. It is a rather expensive way and maybe not always possible, but you could try.
    • Luckily for you, it is very trendy to wear two different earrings at the same time. So when you lost a stud, you could try to find another earring with ear wire and what is longer to form a new pair. When you lose one of your earrings with an ear wire you can try to find a matching stud. You can match according to the same material or the same color or matching colors (one color shade is very elegant).
    • Or purchase always 2 pairs of earrings of the same design, when you are ‘the losing type’, so that you always have an earring at hand.

    When you have any questions or when you know another way to stop losing your earrings, please let me know by emailing me by using the contact form.  

    Do you know you have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression? Only 3 seconds, not 1-second longer! Most of the time people look at your face first when they meet you. So it is important that you wear earrings that make you sparkle, that enlightens your face, that makes you stunning.

    But what earrings look best on you? What earrings make your beautiful eyes sparkle? What earrings match best with your shape of the face? Do you know what the shape of your face is? And what earrings can you wear best when you wear your hair long, or short? And what to do when your earrings are too heavy and you get a headache wearing them for a long time? A lot of questions, but I bet you want some answers.

    FlorenceJewelshop published a brand new practical PDF with all the answers to the questions you might have. And a lot of tips to make you look gorgeous with the right earrings. Do you want that PDF? Well, it is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.

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    Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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