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FlorenceJewelshop designs and makes exclusive handmade gemstone jewelry. Every design is used only once. No woman likes to meet someone else with the same jewelry, do you? My material is bought by me and globally sourced. My travels lead me to the most extraordinary places with stunning gemstone beads. And because of my experience – passed on from generation to generation- and well-developed ‘bead nose’ I find the best gemstone beads for you.

My passion is to show every woman the way to the right jewelry for their style, features, and budget. In FlorenceJewelshop Secrets and my e-books, I show every woman the right jewelry to make her beautiful.

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  • Bracelets that make you sparkle!
  • A gemstone color chart you need to have
  • 54 crazy and interesting facts about birthstones
  • All you want and need to know about pearls
  • How to keep your jewelry beautiful
  • What jewelry makes you sparkle with Christmas

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