A stunning statement necklace or 1 fabulous bib necklace

1 awesome bib or statement necklace?

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    In the descriptions of necklaces, you see the expression ‘statement necklace’ and ‘bib necklace’. Do you know what is meant? And do you know whether a statement necklace or bib necklace looks good on you? This blog explains what is the difference and how to choose between a statement and a bib necklace.

    What is a ‘bib necklace’?

    A bib necklace is ‘a necklace with a broad front section that covers part of the chest’ and an ‘immense bib necklace is encrusted with precious stones’. Now you have the official definition, but what does a bib necklace exactly look like?

    This type of necklace is, according to the archeologists, first seen in Egypt. That is that we did not have seen Egyptians wearing it, but the grave finds and the temple paintings show that this necklace is part of the Egyptian custom jewelry.

    In those days women only wore a skirt and the bib necklace covered their breasts. They were made of leather decorated with beads or cowrie shells. You need quite a lot for covering, but that is not the point here. The same goes for old tribal communities nowadays or in the recent past. Also, the women of those tribal communities cover themselves (if needed and wanted) with bib necklaces.

    In the 7th century in Greece and Roman, you could see women with a bib necklace. In those days it was popular by the high society women to wear evening dresses with rather low-cut necks. To cover the chest and breasts, a bit up the women wore a bib necklace. That is a circular or triangular-shaped necklace with a long and broad, often tapering gemstone ornamentation in the front.

    A bib necklace to cover up your chest wearing a low-cut neckline:

    African multistrand beaded bib necklace
    African multistrand beaded bib necklace
     African multistrand fiber bib necklace
    African multistrand fiber bib necklace

    What does a bib necklace look like?

    The bib necklace has a web-like base of metal or precious metals like silver or gold. And the base is encrusted with chunky pieces of smooth-cut gemstones (no faceted gemstones most of the time).

    Sometimes you find a bib necklace with multiple strands of gemstones that dangle at regular or irregular lengths to get a ‘waterfall’ effect. They are called ‘waterfall necklaces’ sometimes.

    The main purpose of a bib necklace is to cover up your chest and most of the time a bib necklace is ‘massive’.

    When to choose a bib necklace?

    A bib necklace looks great when you have a longer neck. They start a bit higher on the neck. Avoid this type of necklace when you have a short neck: you will look like ‘choked’ wearing a bib necklace.

    ( when you have a short neck you have trouble dropping your chin on your chest).

    Wear a bib necklace on a strapless dress, a simple neckline or to fill a collared shirt. Avoid an outfit with ‘busy’ prints, like flowers and strips. And keep your other jewelry simple. Bib necklaces look busy and bold and large earrings will be ‘too much’.

    What is a ‘statement necklace’?

    The definition of a statement necklace is a necklace that is unique, chunky, and grabs all the attention. Sometimes a bib necklace can be called a statement necklace too when that bib necklace is unique, chunky, and attention-grabbing. Therefore the expression ‘statement necklace’ and ‘ bib necklace’ are used for both types of necklaces in some descriptions.

    On the other hand, I designed a real eye-catching coral silver necklace. It weighs only 40 grams and is a real statement necklace. Because it is attention-grabbing, chunky, and unique (like all the jewelry of FlorenceJewelshop).

    What does a statement necklace look like?

    With a statement necklace, you want to make a statement. That is that one of the first things you see is the necklace: colorful, rather large, and it is the main, defining piece of your outfit.

    All the attention goes to the chest area and when the necklace is a bit shorter, the attention goes to your face too.

    When should you choose a statement necklace?

    When you have an outfit and it’s not ‘new’ anymore, you can wear a matching necklace and nobody will even notice that you wore that outfit before.

    If you have a simple outfit and you go to a chic occasion, you wear a statement necklace and it will become the focal point of your presence. It depends on the style of your necklace whether you look simple but attention-grabbing or chic. Whatever you wear, with a statement necklace you become stylish, chic and all the compliments come your way.

    Modern multistrand beaded bib necklace
    Modern multistrand beaded bib necklace
    Modern multi-strand statement necklace choker
    Modern multi-strand statement necklace choker

    Any statement necklace in your jewelry box?

    Well, you can buy one and then that problem is solved ?. But you can ‘make’ one too!

    Choose somewhat larger necklaces you already own and combine matching colors or metals and gemstones into one gorgeous statement necklace. The length can differ, the colors can be matching or in one color with somewhat other shade. Use your phantasy and think about what outfit you plan to wear and the occasion you are going to.

    Going to a chic occasion, keep it a bit simple and try to add some gold or silver chain to it.

    And then some tips wearing a statement necklace

    Your necklace is the focus, the attention-grabber, so don’t wear long or very colorful earrings. Actually don’t wear any accessories at all, besides your necklace. Maybe a pair of studs and a small bangle will do.

    Take care that the necklace matches your neckline. The necklace should not touch your neckline or let it fall way over the neckline. Wear a monochromatic necklace with a colorful outfit and a colorful necklace with a plain dress or shirt.

    And the most beautiful thing is that the large necklaces are ‘hot’ or trendy and very popular these days.

    If you want to know more about what necklace looks best on you and what necklace length is best for you, ask for the free PDF I made. This PDF is all the information you want and need to look stunning with the right necklace. The good thing for you is: it is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.

    Where can I send your free gift to?
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    Hug, Florence of FlorenceJewelshop

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