Sparkle with Christmas. With 1 awesome piece of jewelry.

Sparkle with Christmas. With 1 awesome jewel.

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    In a few weeks, we are sitting under the Christmas tree, enjoying a great meal with friends and family. Unpacking all our Christmas presents and having a good time. The period before Christmas can be pretty stressful: buying all the Christmas presents, preparing the meals, send the invitations and decide ‘how to sparkle with Christmas?’. Christmas is also the time to look beautiful, feel confident wearing the right jewelry.

    Sparkle with Christmas at the dinner party?

    When you get an official invitation for the party, most of the time the proper or wanted attire is mentioned. In this case, it is clear what the dress code is and you should adapt to the code. But in the invitation, it never says what the ‘dress code’ is for jewelry. So this is your chance to outrage yourself with fancy, beautiful, elegant, and extraordinary striking pieces of jewelry to add to the official dress code. You want to be noticed and wearing the right jewelry, so now is your chance! The best thing to do to get an awesome feeling is to be beautiful and sparkle with Christmas!

    Tips on how to sparkle with Christmas

    Wear a loose outfit

    There are some general tips to make your life more joyful while you stay within the dress code. Don’t wear any outfit that is too tight when you have a large Christmas dinner. Don’t wear anything pale or white when you are a person that gets the gravy all over the place except in your mouth. Wear a white dress when you don’t want to clean up after dinner, and you are sure that the host does not have any aprons. And last but not least, wear warm clothes when they plan for a walk before or after dinner. With these tips, I am sure that you sparkle with Christmas.

    Find out what your hostess wears

    When there is no dress code mentioned on the invitation, just adapt your outfit to the clothing that the hostess probably wears. Or try to find out whether the dinner is at a private home or a restaurant. In this case, you wear a more laid-back dress or a semi-formal one. A black dress is always the right choice. And when you make an impression on someone special, like your new mother-in-law, dress yourself a bit more conservative. In this way, you sparkle with Christmas and you feel relaxed and stunning.

    Jewelry makes you sparkle with Christmas!

    That is not an easy question to answer. It depends on what style you love, what type of person you are, what kind of dress code is applicable for the party, what the hostess is wearing, and where the party is held. Therefore I give you some rough ideas and tips on how to sparkle with Christmas to work with.

    Tips on how to sparkle with Christmas

    My advice is not to buy any dress or skirt or special clothing for Christmas when you are sure that you don’t wear that outfit again. Maybe because it is only suitable for that party or you have to dress up and normally you don’t do that. The solution is to wear a not too outstanding outfit and add some stunning elegant pieces of jewelry in matching colors. Or you wear one really ‘impossible not to notice’ necklace with matching studs. Nobody will recognize your outfit of a former occasion and you look gorgeous and sparkle with Christmas.

    Long earrings make you sparkle with Christmas

    When you have a family or friends that like to dress up for Christmas wear a black skirt or pants, with a one-color top. And add long earrings with an awesome necklace. Long earrings always look very elegant and that is what you want to accomplish for the party. Just take care that the earrings don’t end exactly near your jaw. Just above or below is the right length.

    Quartz jewelry makes you sparkle with Christmas

    Christmas is a holiday, with a lot of lights and glamour. I advise you to join that glamourous feeling. Wear your diamond earrings or the ones made of rhinestone quartz. But also pieces of jewelry made of faceted gemstone beads look awesome. The facets catch the light and the light shines on your face and it gives a great effect.

    Sparkle with Christmas using the right jewelry

    Try to find out what the hostess is wearing. She is the center and it is not polite to look more extravagant than she does. It is the same rule as not to wear a white dress at a wedding when you are not the bride. Give the hostess the honor to be the best dressed and bejeweled woman at the party. But make sure, that you are the second best!

    When it is rather cold with Christmas and you are a bit cold-blooded like I am. Take a shawl with you that matches your outfit. With a beautiful brooch, you pin the two parts of the shawl together on one of your shoulders and you look great. Besides that, your hands are free to have a lovely dinner.

    Don’t sparkle like a Christmas tree!

    Then my last piece of advice: don’t try to compete with the Christmas tree. Every piece of jewelry is a jewel on its own when you wear too much of them at the same time, you don’t see the beauty of that piece of jewelry.

    There are more types of parties to attend at Christmas time, like a gala party, or an office party, or a National Ugly Sweater Party. Want to get some tips on what jewelry to wear on those occasions? Ask for the free e-book of FlorenceJewelshop ‘What jewelry makes me sparkle with Christmas’. Just let me know where I can send it to.

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