1 amazing slim woman & het necklace

1 amazing slim woman & her necklace

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    In my last blog post
    , I gave a lot of great tips and secrets about what necklace a well-figured woman can wear the best to look fabulous. In this blog post, I will describe the type of necklace that makes a slim woman stunning. Slim women can be tall or shorter and your length should be considered choosing the best necklace for you. But there are also features, neckline, and colors or the shape of the beads that influence your choice. Confusing? Just read this blog post and I will lead you to your choice for the best necklace that makes you sparkle.

    Choose the right necklace

    Every woman is beautiful and the outsight of a person says nothing about the character of that beautiful woman. This is all true! But… although you are beautiful and have a great and loving character, you still want to be more beautiful, more noticed, and get more compliments. One way or the other that is a drive of every woman, also when you are a slim woman and gorgeous lady.

    When you want to be more beautiful, more noticed, want to have more confidence, or are longing for more compliments you have an excellent opportunity to make yourself sparkle, when you choose the right necklace. For that, you need to consider your length, your features, and the shape of your face.


    Great necklace for the taller slim woman: titanium necklace with pearls and Thais silver. This short necklace makes that you look shorter, due to the vertical line created by the choker necklace.

    This necklace has also some ‘body’, it is wider. And this features makes your neck look shorter and wider. An excellent feature for a tall and slim woman.

    Choosing jewelry when you are a slim woman?

    In the Western World, the beauty ideal is being slim. Have a look at all the fashion models and you know that people think that slim women are beautiful. So why bother about your clothing and jewelry when you have that feature? The answer is not that difficult: being a slim woman does not mean that you have influence, that you are being noticed in the way you want it to be, that people listen to you because you have something important to say.

    Wearing the right necklace can attract attention to your mouth. And people will listen to what you have to say. Wearing the right necklace can make you more confident and you will get noticed at your work or by your friends. And when you look great with your necklace, well-chosen, and unique handmade gemstone pieces of jewelry, you can get the admiration, compliments for your good taste. What else do you want?

    Your choice of the best necklace!

    When you are a smaller or shorter slim lady and you want to add some length to your body, consider wearing a somewhat longer necklace that reaches the lower balance point (see the explanation in my free e-book). You look also longer when you wear chain necklaces that reach your belly, but only wear these when you are flat-chested. When you are not, you look great with multiple gemstone strand necklaces that reach just below the higher balance point.

    When you are a taller slim woman you may need some horizontal lines to diminish your length. In that case, I would advise a shorter gemstone necklace (higher balance point) or even a choker.

    A slim woman looks gorgeous with bigger beaded gemstone necklaces and/or very colorful necklaces, to make a real statement.


    A fabulous necklace for the smaller slim woman: agate with rose quartz and sterling silver.

    This necklace is ideal for slim ladies, since this necklace makes them look a bit ‘wider’.

    And the conclusion is…

    • Wear the right necklace when you want to be noticed, want to feel more beautiful, and want to receive more compliments.
    • Check the right length for your necklace in the free e-book of FlorenceJewelshop. The small slim woman wears her necklaces best around the lower balance point and the taller slim woman around the higher balance point (or wear a choker). You can wear bigger beaded gemstone necklaces and colorful ones.

    Your necklace is a part of your identification, of your emotion, and your style of living. Those things are precious because they are YOU! Choose your pieces of jewelry carefully. Better spend more money on a piece that resembles you, that feels good on you, and is unique and exclusively made for you. You are no bling machine made a person, and you don’t want to look like one, do you?

    There are so much more tips I’d like to share with you. What is the right length of your special and perfect necklace? What necklace makes you look taller or smaller? What necklace to wear when you have a wrinkled neck or a short neck? Can you wear a minimalistic or a statement necklace? So many questions and in this e-book about necklaces you will find the answers.

    When you want to know more about what necklace to choose that makes you sparkle, you can download my e-book. It is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.


    Where can I send your free gift to?

    We respect your privacy.


    Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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