The size of jewelry grows to impressive 2XL

The size of jewelry grows to impressive 2XL

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    It is common knowledge in Europe that when the economy is rising the skirts of the ladies get shorter and the size of jewelry gets bigger. And the other way round. According to the catwalks and the jewelry that is presented there, our economy goes bankrupt. You might wonder why the size of jewelry grows? The necklaces and the earrings are larger than ever.

    From minimalistic style to something EXTRA

    In the last few years, it was about all necklaces in layers. The size of jewelry was small and the minimalistic look was very popular. According to the common knowledge in Europe, you can say that the economy was going perfectly. And actually, the economy is doing fine (here in Europe). But do the jewelry makers and the trend-watchers have a crystal ball?

    Do they think that the trade war between the USA and China runs out of hand? Well, they must have some secret knowledge or are very well informed about the important economic and political places. Since the size of jewelry is changing. From small to large.

    The size of jewelry and some shiny gemstones

    It can also be a reaction to the minimalistic look and the designers want to have a completely different look. In spring you can have a lot of fun with your jewelry. Quite a few somewhat cheaper pieces of jewelry will be made of crystals and Swarovski beads and the more sophisticated jewelry is designed with rhinestone quartz and diamonds.

    But the result of both versions will be ‘bling-bling’. And that will look especially gorgeous in the sunshine or in the evening because the sunbeams and the light will shine beautifully on the crystals. And that will get better when they are faceted (rhinestone quartz and diamonds). Ladies, you will be seen!!!

    It started with a video clip (7 rings) of Ariana Grande. In that clip, she wore over the top, a larger size of the jewelry, statement earrings made of crystals. In that video, she is wearing a lot of crystal and rhinestone pieces of jewelry and her popularity made this style adopted by other designers.

    Add seashells and hearts

    Another material that will be popular is the seashells, pearls and all the shapes you will find in the sea. And the hearts from the 1980s will return in the newest pieces of jewelry. But the trend will be BIG.

    Covid-19 is predicted?

    Well, maybe those jewelry designers do have a crystal ball, and did they foresee the Covid-19 pandemic? In the Netherlands, we had a lockdown, shops were closed, people have to stay at home and work from there. The government did give a lot of money to the industry and the shops to prevent them to get bankrupt and prevent people to lose their jobs. And that worked very well.

    All though the webshops (some of them) go sky-high and the post services cannot handle all the packages, bought by people that have to stay at home, still people were scared to buy. You never know what the future brings you.

    This is the proof!

    You might say, Florence nice thesis, but can you prove it. Can you prove that when the economy goes down, the size of jewelry goes up? Yes, I can! Last Friday, I had an unexpected customer coming to my home. She saw a beautiful necklace and wanted to buy that one. She chooses 2 super large statement necklaces, that looked stunning on her. And her excuse was to buy 2 (and 4 more brooches) was that she could not spend her money elsewhere, because the shops were closed, and we are not allowed to travel abroad.

    To be honest, the last statement of that nice lady has nothing to do with a dropping economy on her side. But still. The size of jewelry really goes up. Just look around and let me know whether you see that too!

    So your next assignment is to get all your spring and summer clothes out of your closet. Search your jewelry boxes for statement size of the jewelry, like necklaces and earrings, and get them ready to wear. And when your collection needs something extra? Have a look at the collection of FlorenceJewelshop, which has a lot of wearable large, not too heavy statement necklaces and earrings. Every size of jewelry you like!

    There is another question that is coming up together with the size of jewelry and that is whether statement jewelry looks good on you or not? Do you know what jewelry accentuates your best features? And what earrings look best with your eyes. FlorenceJewelshop published a PDF with a lot of answers. It is free of charge. Just have to let me know where I can send it to.

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    Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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