long gray pearl necklace

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This long gray pearl necklace is made with beautiful gray shell pearls, pink freshwater pearls, combined with silver beads. Created with a magnetic clasp, you’ll enjoy wearing it all day long.

There is only one gray pearl necklace available! You don’t want to meet another woman with the same necklace, do you?


This long gray pearl necklace will make every woman stunning, gorgeous, and fabulous. No outfit is complete without this design necklace as a magnificent finishing touch. Look great and feel beautiful and confident with this handmade gemstone jewelry, designed just for you. This designer necklace is an ideal piece of jewelry for you to look fabulous or as a gift for a loved one.

The long gray pearl necklace is made of beautiful gray shell pearls, pink freshwater pearls, combined with silver beads. Created with a silver magnetic clasp, you’ll enjoy wearing it all day long.

Product details of this long gray pearl necklace

• Color: gray, pink, silver
• Used materials: shell pearls, pearls, silver, a magnetic clasp
• Length: 90 cm / 35.4 inch
• Weight*: light
• Alteration in length: possible, please contact me for the details

*Lightweight: less than 50 grams/1.8 ounces, light: 50-100 grams/1.8-3.5 ounces, average weight: 100-200 grams/3.5-7 ounces, above average weight: above 200 grams/7 ounces

Every woman is unique and cannot be duplicated. So why wearing dull and mass-produced pieces of jewelry, when you can wear unique handmade pieces, that make you look beautiful?

The story of the long gray pearl necklace

FlorenceJewelshop buys the best materials on her travels and she knows the sellers and their beads. Every bead has a story and the stories together made this unique handmade design necklace.

This long gray pearl necklace is made to wear long, or you can make it a 2 strand necklace. It is made of freshwater pearls and gray shell pearls. Shell pearls are made of the same material as ‘normal’ pearls, but they are handmade. Very strong and very beautiful.

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FlorenceJewelshop designs and makes exclusive handmade gemstone jewelry. Every design is used only once. No woman likes to meet someone else with the same jewelry, do you? My material is bought by me and globally sourced. My travels lead me to the most extraordinary places with stunning gemstone beads. And because of my experience – passed on from generation to generation- and well-developed ‘bead nose’ I find the best gemstone beads for you.

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