2 adorable earrings & long hair. Beautiful!

2 adorable earrings & long hair. Beautiful!

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    Your hairstyle and the shape of your face are important to choose the right earrings, that make you sparkle. My client José asked me what earrings look best with her beautiful long hair. Of course, it is a matter of taste, but there are some general things to consider when you choose your earrings when you have long hair.

    Earrings and your hairstyle attract someone’s eyes to your face. And your face is the most important body part when you communicate. So you want your earrings and hairstyle should be matching and not compete to look stunning. There are many hairstyles and many types of earrings, so the combination possibilities are nearly endless. The six main earring styles are the chandeliers, clusters, dangles, hoops, studs, and teardrops. Since the hoops, and studs are the most versatile of the six and they go with almost every hairstyle and shape of the face. So these earrings are great to have in your jewel box.

    woman with long hair that gets tangled with her earrings
    woman with long hair that gets tangled with her earrings

    What earrings with long hair?

    • The best earrings that will frame your face when you are wearing an updo or a pixie crop cut are dangle earrings. In this case, there is no hair available to frame your facial features and earrings can do this. Dangles can elongate your neck and face and someone’s eyes will be attracted to your face and especially to your eyes and mouth. You can find dangle earrings for every style and occasion.
    • When you are wearing your long hair down you best wear cluster earrings. Clusters are made from a few gemstones and silver or gold and they don’t dangle. And that’s a good thing since dangle earrings will become tangled easily in your long hair.

    and some more tips…

    • It is very trendy to wear your long hair in a bun. A bun looks elegant and sophisticated and your earrings should be too, like drop-down earrings.
    • With ponytails and braids, you better wear teardrops and chandelier earrings. You can elongate your shape of the face with these type of earrings.

    Create a certain look with earrings and hairstyle?

    Long hair looks very feminine and quite a few women love this hairstyle. And with long hair you have such a lot of possibilities to change your look:

    • With beaded earrings or gemstone earrings, you can create a perfect retro or gypsy look when you keep your long hair down. Earrings made of beads and feathers give you a Boho look.
    • Studs will create a more business look. And you could updo your hair and leave a few strings of hair out of your bun for a bit of nonchalance.
    • And for a special occasion updo your hair and wear extra-large statement earrings or large earrings in stunning color.

    It’s all about the right combination between hairstyle and earrings, the right balance will give you an absolutely stunning look. And I will bet that José will have enough information to look gorgeous with her long hair and the right earrings.

    In this blog post, I spoke about the shape of your face that should be considered choosing the right earrings. And of course, you want to know all about that to make the right choice. But there is more to consider, like the color of your earrings, the length, the weight. I can give you dozens of tips about all these subjects. Just to let you sparkle with the right earrings. I’ll bet that you want some answers instead of all these questions.

    FlorenceJewelshop published a brand new practical PDF, where you can find all your answers, including a lot of tips. It is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to.

    ebook earrings
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    Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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