It is about two months before Christmas Eve. The shop windows are getting filled with Christmas decorations and nice gifts. And the streets will be decorated with large trees including the little lights, the large Christmas baubles, and artificial reindeer.

It’s time for you to prepare your gifts, send invitations for social events, decorate your house and garden and wonder… what jewelry makes you awesome with Christmas?

The importance of the lights with Christmas.

Light belongs to Christmas and Christmas cannot do without light. In the 18th-century, people started to decorate their Christmas tree with little candles to represent the stars and the Star of Bethlehem. This is a rather dangerous tradition and therefore you could find buckets of sand and water near the tree.

In 1882 Mr. Edward Johnson, a dear friend of Thomas Edison (who invented the light) decorated his Christmas tree with electric lights. These lights have the shape of candles.

A little light shines on you.

Those little lights give a very romantic atmosphere, what we call in the Netherlands ‘ cozy’ or ‘gezellig’. Especially when on Christmas Eve the lights in the tree complement the fire in the fireplace, it’s very ‘gezellig’.

The lights have another big advantage. And that is that those little lights give a very soft glance on your face. This is making you more beautiful. When you wear a necklace and earrings, made of faceted gemstone this effect gets stronger.

faceted blue topaz gemstone


Faceted gemstones?

A facet is a flat highly polished surface on a cut gemstone. Normally there are three of four sides that are cut from a wider top to a pointed bottom. You also can have facets on completely round gemstones, but then the gem has more facets than only 3 or 4.

Transparent gemstones, like quartzes, look really more beautiful when they have a faceted cut. Like Wikipedia writes it so adequately ‘faceting maximizes the brilliance, fire, and life of transparent stones’. It is important that the faceted stones don’t have inclusions or as little as possible. Inclusions interrupt the light and diminish the ‘fire’ of the stone.

Why choose to wear faceted stones with Christmas?

The combination of candles light, Christmas baubles and little electric light in the Christmas tree and faceted gemstones makes that all those lights reflect on the facets of your gemstones. And especially when you wear a necklace and/or earrings of faceted gemstones those enlightened facets shine the light on your face. And gives your face a soft and beautiful glance.

Have a close look at these beauty’s!

What type of gemstones is beautiful to wear with Christmas?

You might think of diamonds first since they are transparent, mostly faceted cut and look gorgeous. But they are rather expensive and rhinestone quartz looks just as gorgeous and is affordable. Just take care they are faceted.
The colors of your Christmas jewelry have to match with the colors and style of your outfit. That goes too for the type of faceted gemstone in your jewelry.

Colors and type of your jewelry have to match your outfit.

The ‘Christmas outfit’ colors are mostly black, dark red or burgundy and dark blue or gray. You can choose for jewelry that has the same color as your outfit (a bit dull though) or differs one or two shades from the color of your outfit. You get a more sophisticated look.

When your outfit is plain and simple you can choose for a statement or bib necklace in sparkling colors and make of faceted gemstones. In this case, you get an adventurous or sexy look.

Don’t wear very colorful jewelry on a dress with stripes or flowers or otherwise decorated. And don’t wear too much jewelry. Otherwise, you have two Christmas trees in the house.

To help you out I wrote a PDF with all my ‘Christmas tips’. It’s free and you just have to let me know where I can send to.

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