What is the right necklace length to look fabulous? Most women wear a necklace and a pair of earrings when they want to look great, having a party, or going to work. You have only 3 seconds to make a first impression and in those 3 seconds, the eyes mostly go to the face and neck. Therefore choosing the right necklace is important to make a great first impression. But what is the right necklace and what is the right necklace length for you?

What features to consider choosing the right necklace length?

The length of your necklace will compliment your body. While choosing the right necklace and the right necklace length you should consider a few features:

  1. The shape of your face

The right necklace can frame your face and can accentuate your best facial features. And it can change the way other people perceive your face. There are some standard rules to know what type of necklace is best for the shape of your face.

  • Round face: no chokers or short necklaces as they accentuate the roundness of your face
  • Oval face: you are the lucky one since you can wear any type and any necklace length you like
  • Long shaped face: shorter necklaces to broaden and soften the shape of your face. And you will add a horizontal line near your face to ‘shorten’ it a bit.
  • Heart-shaped face: chokers and short necklaces to create the illusion of a wider chin.
  1. The type of your body

When you wear a great necklace eye will follow the necklace line down. When you have a larger bust you might consider a shorter necklace to avoid the eyes to go where you don’t want them. Women with a smaller bust can wear a long chain or a longer necklace.

  1. Your neck and neck size

When you have a long neck, you will like a horizontal line near your neck so that your neck looks a bit shorter: a choker is perfect. When you have a short neck you better wear longer necklaces to enlarge your neck.

To choose the right length of your necklace you should measure the size of your neck carefully. The best way is to take a small chain and wrap that little chain closely around your neck. Measure that length and add about 2 inches/5 cm for a choker and 4 inches/10 cm for a necklace with a pendant.

  1. Your height.

You have to know what to want to look like when you wear a necklace. When you are small and you want to look a bit longer, you can wear long necklaces. And the opposite goes for taller women that want to look smaller: wear a choker (when you have a long neck) or a shorter necklace.

What are the standard necklace lengths?

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The standards sizes of necklace lengths

Length necklace Place
14inches/38 cm Tightly around the neck
16 inches/40 cm Tightly against the base of the neck
18 inches/42 cm On the collarbone
20 inches/45 cm Between the collarbone and the bust
22 inches/50 cm Just above the top of the bust
24 inches/60 cm On the bust
36 inches/80 cm Below the bust

How can you calculate the right necklace length for you?

These standard lengths are great for standard women: but which woman is standard??? For that reason, I wrote an ebook about what is the right necklace and necklace length for you, especially you. In the free ebook, there is an easy way to calculate the right necklace length.

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