Why is it essential for every woman to consider her features when she chooses her jewelry? And what necklace is the right necklace for a taller woman?

A necklace can make every woman more beautiful and more confident. With the right necklace, you will be noticed and you get more compliments. To put it short: a necklace is a great addition to your perfect look and outfit. But not every woman has the same feature, the same shape of the face, or the same length. We, women, are not satisfied very fast: when we are shorter we want to look taller and when we are tall we dream about being a bit shorter. So what is the best necklace for a taller woman?

Lines are important

The body of a taller woman has a vertical line. When you wear a long necklace that vertical line gets even longer and your tallness will be more emphasized. You will look more beautiful when you add horizontal lines, using pieces of jewelry, like big bracelets, choker or a shorter necklace, You know: I cannot make you a bit shorter, but with the right jewelry you can look a bit shorter.

Tall Woman1

Perfect necklace for a taller woman: coral, faceted onyx, and sterling silver

What kind of necklace looks best on a taller woman?

I already explained to you that you can emphasize horizontal lines or create horizontal lines. You can accomplish that by wearing shorter necklaces. But cannot be too short either, because then the necklace will get lost on you and is not doing anything to your face. Chokers can create the perfect horizontal line for you, especially when you have a longer neck. You also can think about wearing a multiple strand pearl necklace or a striking choker made of gemstones.

When you are a bit flat-chested you will look fabulous with a longer chain necklace, that looks like a fluent line with a bit wider end. And the last tip: you better don’t wear a U-shaped necklace. It makes you look longer. And that is not what a taller woman wants.

It is important to know what is the best length for your necklace. The perfect length makes you more beautiful and the necklace is adding something extra to your face. There is an easy way to calculate that. You can have a look at my free e-book.

Tall Woman2

A fabulous necklace for a tall woman: howlite and Thai silver

To summarize my advice:

  • Wear shorter necklaces or chokers
  • Better don’t wear U-shaped necklaces
  • Multiple strand pearl chokers or a striking gemstone choker will look perfect
  • Create horizontal lines with your jewelry to ‘break’ your length

When you want to know more about what necklace to choose that makes you sparkle, you can download (free) my e-book.

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