You have to look at two things when you choose the right earrings for your face: your hairstyle (long hair, short hair, hair up) and your face shape. In this blog post, I will tell you all about what earrings look best on you when you have short hair. Some advisers say that when you have short hair you should not wear statement earrings, but they are very wrong. You will look great with large gorgeous earrings and your short haircut. Read this blog post for all the tips you need to choose the right earrings when you have short hair.

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Earrings and your hairstyle (long hair, short hair, hair up) attract someone’s eyes to your face. And your face is the most important body part when you communicate. So you want your earrings and hairstyle should be matching and not compete to look stunning. There are many hairstyles and many types of earrings, so the combination possibilities are nearly endless. The six main earring styles are the chandeliers, clusters, dangles, hoops, studs, and teardrops. Since the hoops and studs are the most versatile of the six and they go with almost every hairstyle and shape of the face. So these earrings are great to have in your jewel box.

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woman with short hair and large hoop earrings

What earrings look best when you have short hair?

  • You can wear large statement earrings or studs when you have short hair. The trick is to attract someone’s eyes to your face. And you can do that with shiny faceted gemstone earrings. Or you wear dangling earrings when you have a round face shape or large hoops when the shape of your face is longer. Just take care that your short hair and the earrings are in balance.

and more tips…

  • Choose earrings that compliment your hair color. When you have a light brown or highlighted hair color you best wear gold or gold-colored earrings, to feel the warmth of the colors. A darker or cool hair color matches better with silver and somewhat lighter earrings.
  • When you have short hair that shows your ear lobs you could consider wearing earrings jackets and cuffs. The earrings in combination with short hair give a fresh and modern look. A single color cuff makes you more elegant and classy looking. But when you want to look more feminine consider wearing faceted shiny gemstone earring cuffs.

The best advice I can give you on this matter is wearing earrings that balance with your hairstyle in general and short hair specific. Short hair should bring attention to your face and the earrings should add something extra so that people will notice you!

In this blog post, I spoke about the shape of your face that should be considered choosing the right earrings, that make you sparkle. And of course, you want to know all about that to make the right choice. I wrote a free ebook with 19 tips that can help you make that choice.

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