Fashion renews itself every 6-12 weeks! You cannot cope up with that speed. But when you use the right color combinations it is not that difficult to keep a tiny little bit up with the new trends. Therefore you have to wear an outfit in the new fall colors or… jewelry that matches the new fall colors. Let’s dig into this.

The inspiration for the Italian fall colors

At the beginning of September, I spent 2 beautiful weeks in Italy, near the Cinque Terre just south of Genova. The Italian coastline is fabulous here. Just along the coast are 5 very tiny villages that get more popular by tourist every year.

You can go there by train and walk 12 kilometers between those places. Anyway, you have to pay to walk there, but the walking path is closed down except for 3 kilometers. It will open in 2021, they say. The Italian way, I guess. But it is beautiful there when you forget all the tourists walking around.

One of the 5 Cinque Terre villages with gorgeous colored houses. For me, it is THE inspiration for the new fall colors 2020

Cinque Terre Italy FlorenceEijck 2019 600x314

Cinque Terre Italy FlorenceEijck 2019

Deep warm colors for fall

Why I am telling you this is because the colors of the houses of the villages are beautiful. And the colors are chosen to keep the warmth in during wintertime and the cool air in during the summer. I’ll tell you, it can be hot out there.

It seems to me that this year, the person who chooses the fall colors for the Italian fashion industry spent some time in the Cinque Terre. The colors next fall are a bit deeper and darker than the color of the houses. But the basis of the colors is the same as the houses.

Of course, we spend some time in Genova, a great city, and did some window shopping to see what the Italian fashion industry comes up with this fall. And I loved what I saw.

The new fall fashion colors

The main colors are deep yellow, beautiful dark orange like browning leaves in the fall. Then moss green and deep purple. And the Italian designers like to combine the colors. Like: the deep blue with the orange, the greens with the yellow or the blue with the green and the orange with the yellow.

You can wait for it that the shops want you to buy new clothing in the new fall colors. And maybe you do. But when you are like me I like to see what is in my closet from previous years. And have a deep dig into my jewelry box and see what I can come up with. More economic and you are not spending on material that is used only for a season.

The most seen new fall colors in 2019: the dark orange called ‘chili pepper’, the dark yellow ‘dark cheddar’, the dark green ‘Eden’ and the magnificent blue ‘galaxy blue.

New Fall Colors 2019 600x314

new fall colors 2019

It is time for a statement!

In my opinion, handmade gemstone jewelry is more environment-friendly than clothing. Because gemstone jewelry is durable and you use it a lifetime. Yes, digging for gemstones can be very environment unfriendly. It does not have to be like that (so watch where you buy your jewelry). The making of the material for the fashion industry and artificial coloring is worse. And fashion clothing only lasts a season.

Combining clothing with your jewelry using the right colors.

Having said that: here is another environmental tip you can use ánd look great! Have a look in your closet and see whether you can find some deep purple, green, deep orange or yellow pieces of clothing. Can you combine them?

After that exercise, you go to your jewelry box and see whether you can find a necklace or earrings in those colors, or color shades. And now start combining the new fall colored clothing with the matching jewelry. And there you have a great looking trendy woman, ready to enjoy the fall.

Want examples of those new colors?

In this blog post, I will present some examples from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop that are made in the new fall colors. So when you don’t have the right colored jewelry, you can get a great environmental perfect piece of jewelry. And you can wear for ages and ages and never gets out of fashion.

show me the necklace collection

Here are some examples of necklaces that match the new fall colors of 2019. You can find more information about the necklaces on

the new fall colors, Wear the right jewelry in the new fall colors. the new fall colors, Wear the right jewelry in the new fall colors. the new fall colors, Wear the right jewelry in the new fall colors. the new fall colors, Wear the right jewelry in the new fall colors.

show me the necklace collection

And when you think your piece of jewelry is out of date you can do 2 things:

  1. Wait until it will become a fashion again (every 10 years or so, the fashion industry comes up with a previously used idea)
  2. Or you let me have a look at whether I can pimp your jewelry up, using your material and when necessary I add some other material to it. Love custom orders (reach me through the contact form)

If you love to hear from me regularly and talk about gemstones and jewelry, send me your email address and I send you my ‘FlorenceJewelshop Secrets every 2 weeks (free).

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