The fashion industry chooses every year the ‘color of the year’ and this year ‘coral’ is the happy color. You might wonder ‘how on earth can you choose óne color of the year’ and ‘ what are the criteria’? Are there a few old men who have nothing to do choosing a certain color from a color chart and they choose coral because it looks so lovely on the wife? Maybe, this was the case ages ago, but nowadays there is an idea behind ‘the color of the year’.

the color coral, The color of the year: coral

Coral silver necklace from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

The color coral

The color of coral is pinkish to orange-red. It is a color that can be matched easily with other colors. It can be worn as a single statement piece of jewelry or as a great accent to other colors. And it goes great with (precious) metals, like silver, gold, and bronze.

And the great advantage is that this color has warm hues so that the fashion industry is happy with this choice as a color of the year too.

the color coral, The color of the year: coral

Black rhinestone bracelet from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

Eco and nature is the trend

Choosing a color or a theme for next years fashion shows or jewelry exhibitions is a serious thing. A committee looks for trending themes, subjects where people talk about and which are ‘hot’ and the reactions on the last ‘colors of the year’.

One topic that is very trending is nature, the climate, and biological food. Everyone has an opinion on those subjects and it’s everybody’s business. So the choice for a natural color that represents a living creature, like color, is not surprising.

the color coral, The color of the year: coral

Silver coral necklace from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

What is coral?

Coral is of organic origin and formed by living organisms. Those organisms not only form beautiful shapes and structures but have also beautiful colors. When the coral organism dies it forms a kind of skeleton and jewelers use this material as a ‘gemstone’.

Most of the coral has a white color. But nature creates also pinkish, reddish and orange corals. And especially that pinkish to orange reddish color is very popular.

the color coral, The color of the year: coral

Silver coral earrings from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

The season is also important

Besides the trendy topics in society choosing the color of the year is also about the season, where the items like fashion and jewelry is used. The color coral is a great color for the spring season when the flowers start blooming. But on a summer dress or top, the color coral looks great too. And even the ‘normal’ autumn and winter match great with the color coral.

Examples of great coral jewelry

You will find some great examples of jewelry with the pinkish to orange and red color in this section.

the color coral, The color of the year: coral

Red brooch made with coral from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

More information in the gemstone color chart

I can imagine that you get a bit confused with all that color’talk’. And there are more gemstones that occur in the color of the year. Maybe you are looking for the coral color but then just a hue darker or lighter or a different shade?

FlorenceJewelshop designed a gemstone color chart, especially for you. You can find all the colors and the gemstones that match these colors. And some information about the gemstones. It’s free, so go for the chart. Link:

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