After diamonds, pearls are a girl’s best friend. They look great on young girls, the young at heart girls, and the more sophisticated ladies. And the good thing is that there is a string of pearls in every quality and price range. There are 2 Reasons why you better buy your string of pearls now! , especially when you want high-quality natural pearls. Due to pollution, high demand, and lower supply and to the old-fashioned inefficient harvesting methods the natural pearl becomes more and rarer and very expensive. My tip: buy your natural string of pearls now!

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buying string of pearls

The difference between the natural and the cultured string of pearls

Talking about a natural string of pearls I better explain first what the difference is between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl. When a very tiny irritating sand or shell gets into the soft tissue of the oyster it forms a natural pearl. The oyster tries to get rid of that irritation by making nacre layers around it. And that is the natural pearl. A string of pearls like this is made without the help of people.

The same process is followed by getting the cultured string of pearls. Only here people insert (by hand) a tiny irritating thing, like a shell or even a little piece of plastic and the oyster makes layers of nacre around that irritation. And there you have a pearl!. Most of the time a natural pearl is found by accident and the cultured pearl grows in an oyster bed and is easily harvested. And of course, the price of the natural string of pearls is much higher than the cultured string of pearls.

Pearl prices go up because of inefficient harvesting

Until the beginning of the 20th century, pearl divers had to go down in the sea until they reached a depth of about 35 meters/ 100 feet to get to the pearl oysters. It was dangerous and the results were poor. When they gathered about a ton of oysters the average of finding a decent pearl was about 3 or 4 good quality pearls. That’s hard work. The freshwater mollusks in the shallow waters and rivers were easier to harvest.

This little video explains how it works.

You find natural pearls nowadays only in Bahrein and Australia. They harvest pearls that are ‘made’ completely by nature. These pearls become very rare and very expensive. When you know that a string of pearls only lasts between 60 to 100 years, you can imagine that antique pearl jewelry becomes not only popular but also very expensive.

Pollution diminishes the amount of harvested natural pearls

Oysters need extreme pure water to grow the best high-quality pearls. The environment for the natural and cultured pearls to grow becomes less and less. Due to too much plastic particles in the oceans, inadequate sewage systems that pollute the coasts. And industries that get rid of their disposals and chemicals in the water. A sad example is Lake Biwa in Japan, where special mollusks live that produce beautiful luster pearls. Due to pollution, there is hardly any harvesting of Biwa pearls anymore in Lake Biwa.

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To the black baroque pearl necklace

Buy your string of pearls now before they are gone

01. Buy your high-quality string of pearls now before they are not available anymore. A natural string of pearls is hard to find and even a cultivé string of pearls of high-quality is not easy to get.

02. A string of pearls is getting very popular at the moment. And when the demand is high the price goes up. So another reason to buy your string of pearls now

When you take care of your string of pearls they can last a lifetime and a bit longer (60-100 years). Keep your string of pearls in a soft cloth, keep them away from dust and check the string regularly.

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