The third Friday of December (17th of December 2018) is announced as the ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater Day’. People all over the USA, but it started in Europe too, wear their most ugly designed Christmas Sweater they have in their closet. You can finally wear the sweaters knitted by grandmothers and aunts with reindeer, ugly colors, pompoms, and Santa upfront. You look ridiculous in this outfit, but should your jewelry be ugly on Ugly Sweater Day?

Why Ugly Sweater Day?

In 2011 someone started this Day, to have some fun and relaxation in the busy holiday season. Compare it with the casual Friday where the office people arrive on their work in casual outfits like jeans and sweaters or T-shirts.

And be honest. Everyone needs some fun now and then. And everyone has some ugly Christmas sweater in their closet. A sweater handmade by grandma or an old aunt, knitted with reindeer, or a picture of Santa up front, in the ugliest colors you can imagine, and the best ugly sweater has pompoms, or other items hanging on that sweater.

In 2015 the Ugly Sweater Movement partnered with ‘Save the Children’ and you can donate to this great cause.

Ugly Sweater with feather earrings

What to wear on Ugly Sweater Day?

And nobody has the guts to throw a sweater made by grandma in the dustbin. Do you? Imagine that your mother will find out that this great gift is lost forever? Not in your weirdest nightmare you want that confrontation with your family. But what to do with those monstrous pieces of clothing?

The theme ‘Ugly Sweater came up first in the household of Dr. Huxtable. The one marketing guy (I guess) invented this great day and with all the funny things, it spread throughout the USA and the rest of the world, fast. And the funniest thing is that when you don’t have an ugly sweater, you have to buy one. In the shops in my country (The Netherlands) you see in the shops the ugliest, absolutely disgusting, never want to wear this type of sweaters. And people are buying them???? Or knitting that ugliness themselves!

When you want the prize for the ugliest Christmas of 2018 you have to wear a sweater with:

  • Animal or cartoon characters, like reindeer, mice, cats, elves, or Santa
  • The most – non-matching- colors you can find
  • A lot of glittery, pompons, bells
  • Have some stupid slogan on your sweater
  • And the best is when you electrify your sweater with Christmas tree lamps.

And don’t forget to post it on social media, so that everybody has a good laugh. Because that is the intention of this Ugly Sweater Day.

Ugly Sweater with coral earrings

Should your jewelry be ugly on Ugly Sweater Day?

You don’t wear your ugly sweater only to work or school on this day. There are also parties where you have to attend with an ugly sweater on.

Wearing an ugly sweater is one thing, making a fool of yourself another, but do want to give all your friends the impression that you have bad taste? Choosing the ugliest sweater shows that you have humor and have some fun, or go with the flow. But you don’t you want to show the world, that on other days you look impeccable, have a taste and good looks.


It is not so difficult to attend the ugly sweater party and by wearing the right jewelry, you show your surroundings that you know how to dress. But what is the right jewelry for these events?

Don’t wear necklaces or brooches with an ugly sweater. You don’t see them and it is a devaluation of your beautiful jewelry. The best way to show your style is by wearing the right earrings:

  • Wear earrings that match the strongest color of your sweater. When the dominant color of your sweater is green, you can wear dark blue or another shade of green earrings
  • Wear statement earrings or larger earrings, that stick out in the ugliness of the sweater
  • And when you want to go all the funny way: wear earrings with feathers, Christmas balls (elegant ones, please) and little bells (preferably golden or silver ones)

Have a lot of fun and a great time at the Ugly Sweater Day and when you have come to your senses on the 18th of December and prepare for Christmas start choosing the right jewelry for all the Christmas events you attend to. Remember that you are not a Christmas tree and you don’t have to wear all your pieces of jewelry.

Need some help with the right choice? I wrote an e-book (a small one) with some awesome tips about ‘how to sparkle with the right jewelry at Christmas’. And there is even a suggestion for Ugly Sweater Day. Let me know where I can send it to:

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Hug and have fun, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop