We all have a piece of jewelry that we inherited and only keep for sentimental reasons. But never wear them. Or jewelry that is out of fashion, or worn out, or broken or… In this age of ‘recycling’ in combination with the Marie Kondo mania, we have to wonder ourselves ‘how to repurpose that old and outdated jewelry’!

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Repurpose old and outdated jewelry

Wedding rings

When you are divorced or widowed you might still have your wedding ring in your jewelry box. Or maybe you inherited the wedding rings of your parents or grandparents.

If you have a few wedding rings you bead them on a string together with larger colored gemstone beads. Finish it with a clasp and you have a very modern necklace, that feels like a sentimental journey.

Chain necklaces

When you have a few chain necklaces of different length and material. And I’ll bet you find some larger beaded necklaces in your jewelry box too.

At the moment it is a trend to wear those chain necklaces and larger bead necklaces together. Just watch the colors a bit, you are not a Christmas tree. But when you have different beaded necklaces of the same color, together with golden or silver chain necklaces, you look great.

The only thing you have to care of is that the sweater, blouse or shirt you wear under those necklaces does not have too much color or design. Keep is elegant and ‘low-key’.


Earrings are sometimes a menace. You tend to lose only one of them and what can you do with the ‘left-over’? Or your earrings are really outdated and old-fashioned. Here the modern time is giving you a helping hand too!

First of all: who says that you have to wear two earrings that are exactly the same. When you lost a long earring, you can combine it with a stud of the same color. You can match a ‘left-over’ with another one in the same color scheme. It is more beautiful when you have two earrings in the same length though.

Repurpose the broken pieces of jewelry

Reusing broken jewelry needs some creativity and skills from your side. But you get great results and contentment when you hear the compliments you get for your creations.

  • You cut a necklace or bracelet in a few pieces. Attach the pieces to a large clasp and attach it to your bag, your phone or when it is not too large, attach it to the zipper of a coat.
  • When your jewelry is broken and there is not much value involved, you glue the beads and pieces on a photo frame or on a lampshade. Using quartzes and crystals glued on a lampshade and your light will be very romantic.
  • And when you are not skilled at all or the material of the broken jewelry has some value, like silver, gold or gemstones, you can try to sell it to a jeweler. In this case, you have to set your emotions aside, because the jeweler melt the gold and silver and you don’t recognize it anymore.
  • Another solution is to bring your broken pieces of jewelry to the jeweler and ask for a repairment.

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Remake old and outdated jewelry

To remake old and outdated pieces of jewelry is great for jewelers and designers. You can put all your skills, creativity in making something special and beautiful out of these old pieces.

Give me your old beaded jewelry and I cut all the pieces and design new modern pieces of jewelry with this old material. Using new combinations of beads, new color combinations and adding some new material to make beautiful new pieces of jewelry.


Precious and natural materials are getting rare and therefore more expensive. Anyway, in the Netherlands we are very aware of this problem, that will grow and grow. We divide the materials that can be reused in our recycle bins and the government takes the valuable materials out and sell them to manufacturers.

So why leaving you unused pieces of jewelry for any reason in your jewelry box? If not for emotional reasons, than for environmental reasons repurpose your old, outdated and broken jewelry.

Have a look and decide what you can do with it. Above are some ideas. Let me know when you come up with another idea to reuse your jewelry.

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