Statement earrings are trendy nowadays. And be honest, they look awesome on you, when you choose the right ones, that match your face (for more information ask for my free e-book about earrings). The only thing that can keep you away from those gorgeous statement earrings, is their weight. In this blog post, I will give you an awesome tip ‘How to conquer the weight of statement earrings’.

What happens when statement earrings are too heavy?

Statement earrings are large, long, voluminous, and sometimes heavy. When you want to wear them for a short time, that is not a problem. But after a few hours, they don’t feel so comfortable anymore.

When you wear them too long, the hole in your earlobe can get larger and larger. And there is a chance that your earlobe cuts in two parts. Painful and not a great site.

How to conquer the weight of statement earrings?

There is a way to wear your statement earrings without any problems. Without feeling the weight anymore. Maybe a bit funny, but it works!

You need some surgical tape, but also normal tape will do. Then some scissors and a mirror and you are set. Cut about 2 centimeters or 0.8 inches and fold the tape in a way that both sides stick ( fold both ends of the tape towards each other and stick one part on the other. You end up with a little round with the glue on both ends).


Press that tape on the backside of your earlobe, in a way that the hole is covered. Repeat that for the other ear. When you wear earrings with a backend, you put the earring through the hole of your ear, through the tape, and press the back end on the earring.

When you have earrings with ear wires, you can do the same, and either you press the end of the ear wire on the tape. Or when you want to be sure, you can put a small piece of tape over the ear wire on the earlobe.

This way you will not feel your heavy earrings, you will not tear your ear holes. And another advantage is that you will not lose your earrings!

First impression with statement earrings

Do you know that you have only 3 seconds to make a first impression and that you will not get a second chance? People look at your face first and they will see your earrings right after they see your face. Your earrings will add to that first impression.

Most of the time you wear statement earrings to a party or another special occasion, where you meet new people and where your first impression matters. Be sure that you wear the right earrings for your face and for the occasion.

There are some great tips on how to choose the best earrings for your face in my free e-book. Just let me know where I can send it too!

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