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Presents for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or special occasions should have a personal touch. The receiver does not look at the possible price of the present. But whether she likes it and what trouble you went through to get her this present. A personal present will be remembered and treasured. But how to choose the best friend jewelry gift?

How to choose the best friend jewelry gift?

In my opinion, there are three ways to get that special gift:

  • Buy a personalized necklace or bracelet with the name of your best friend
  • Buy a piece of jewelry with the birthstone of your best friend
  • Make a great piece of jewelry for her yourself

A personalized piece of jewelry

You can buy a necklace or bracelet with the name of your best friend in many shops. Be sure it is spelled the right way since it is awkward when your friend ears a piece of personalized jewelry with the wrong spelling. And she may feel obliged to wear it anyway.

Then be sure that your friend likes to walk around with a piece of jewelry with her name on it. To be honest, I don’t. My name (Florence) is a bit long and a necklace with my name will get too wide for my neck. And I like to tell my name to the person myself. But that’s just my opinion. So be sure that your friend appreciates a piece of jewelry like this.

When you really want to give your friend this kind of personal piece of jewelry, you might think about giving her:

  • A ring with her or your and her name inside
  • A charm with her or your and her name at the backside
  • A kind of locket (as a charm) what you can open and you can engrave names in there
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A piece of jewelry made specially made for your friend

Your friendship unique, your friend is unique, so why don’t give her a unique piece of jewelry. A jewel that is made according to her taste. A jewel that is not duplicated but is one of a kind. You can make it yourself or ask FlorenceJewelshop to make a custom order for you. Or you try to find a shop that does not sell mass-production jewelry (like FlorenceJewelshop) and look around there.

Your friend is special, is unique, is one of a kind. She is important to you and with her your secrets are safe. Together you share a lot of memories and history. Isn’t she worth the trouble finding her a present that is specially made for her, a piece of jewelry that nobody else in the world wears, except she?

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When you need some advice to choose the right piece of jewelry, just let me know (email) and I will help you out. And when you want the free e-book about the birthstones. Use this link and I will send it to you.

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