In this blog post, I will tell you about a little practical wonder I discovered: the magnetic clasp.

Do you have trouble closing that little clasp of your necklace behind your neck? Is it a manage to close the clasps of your bracelets with one hand? Your partner’s fingers are not fine enough to help you out? And therefore you don’t wear your pieces of jewelry as often as you would like? Or you are in pain? There is one solution for all those ‘problems’: the magnetic clasp!

How I looked for the right clasp to help my friend

Something more than 12 years ago I visited one of my best friends, who moved to France. Due to the chemotherapy, she could not use her right dominant arm anymore and she loved to wear lots and lots of jewelry. She was an independent lady and did not want to ask for help very often.

We sat at the kitchen table for a good girl-to-girl talk and she asked me to help her out. She could not handle the clasps of her necklaces and bracelets anymore and did not find a way to wear her jewelry as often. The question surprised me and I started my search for the right clasps for her.


Eureka, I found the magnetic magic clasp!

I searched the internet and ordered all the types of clasps I could find and run tests… with one arm on my back, to make the test realistic. I studied all kinds of tricks that were on Google and explained how to use a clasp of a bracelet or necklace. And finally, the magnetic clasp came out as the most practical and easy to use clasp there was for her. And you can buy them in all kinds of strengths and sizes, materials and weight.

On my next trip, I brought all the magnetic clasps to my friend and changed the clasps of all her necklaces and bracelets. She was so happy and I was too. I realized that using magnetic clasps on my necklaces and bracelets would be very comfortable and easy to handle. From that time on I was magnetic clasp addicted and used them for almost my whole collection.

More benefits when you use magnetic clasps

  • Bracelets with magnetic clasps can improve your blood circulation. The magnets can draw more blood to your arm and wrist and good circulation can keep your body healthy and your injuries will be better cured. People that suffer from arthritis, migraines, or inflammation find benefit in wearing jewelry that is finished with a magnetic clasp.
  • When you have joint problems magnetic clasps can make it easier to close your necklace or bracelets.
  • The magnetic clasp is easy to open and close. You will not lose your piece of jewelry when the clasp is appropriate for the ‘job’. Statement necklaces need larger clasps than small chokers.
  • Magnetic clasps are available in all kinds of sizes, materials, and strengths. The magnetic field of the clasp may affect people who are wearing a pacemaker, but the opinions about that vary. And when you suspect that the magnetic strength is lacking, just click both ends on the door of your refrigerator and the ends will get loaded again!

My biggest secret and tip about using magnetic clasps for my jewelry is using them for my 4 set bracelets. The magnetic clasps keep the bracelets together and in the same place so that they look gorgeous.


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