In September, we visited Greece and as always I spend some time looking for exceptionally beautiful and high-quality gemstone beads. I got an address ‘I should visit’ in Thessaloniki and we found the small store in a large shopping street. And from here I would like to tell my story or experience, just to warn you for ‘a funny excuse for a high priced gemstone’.

Junk and high priced gemstones

We came in and the first thing I saw was glass and plastic earrings and bracelets? A lot of colors and all stacked close to each other. It was really difficult to see what was the offer. At the far end of the shop, there was a wooden box with a few really pretty and high-quality gemstone beads. Not a great variety, not many colors, but they were beautiful.

A lady approached me and gave me a small basket to put in the beads I wanted to purchase.

wooden box with beads

wooden box with beads

A funny excuse for a high priced gemstone

My choice was made fast and I took my small binocular to check the quality. The beads were excellent, no inclusions, just great. I asked the lady what the price was and whether she had more beads since I wanted to make a complete necklace and in the box were only a few beads.

The saleswoman mentioned a price that flabbergasted me. I asked here whether the price was for a whole string of the chosen beads. No, it was for one bead. And then she said the magical words: ‘lady, these are pure gemstones, high quality and you pay a higher price because they are energetic stones that can heal’. My mouth went open and I closed it again and left.

Tips for buying gemstones:

  • Be careful, buying expensive and so-called gemstone beads in a store, that sells junk jewelry made of glass and plastic too. Especially when you cannot check it properly or you are not an expert. That combination is just showing that the people don’t know what they are selling exactly (most of the time);
  • When you believe in it, there are gemstones that have a healing capacity. And, yes those healing stones seem to work only when they are pure and have a high quality. But all high-quality gemstones should be pure, without inclusions, whether they are healing stones or not. So that is not an excuse for asking for more money than normal.
  • Check before you enter a store with gemstone beads what the right price would be when you buy them elsewhere or even in your home country. And decide then whether the price is right for you or not.

I really was disappointed. Not because of the rather small choice of gemstone beads they had, not because of the price they asked for it. But using the funny excuse to ask for a higher price because the stones were supposed to be healing stones and therefore had great quality. That is the world upside down and it showed that the saleswoman had no clue what she was talking about.

gemstone bead collection

gemstone bead collection

So take care when you want to buy gemstone beads or gemstone jewelry. And when you want more tips and secrets about gemstones and gemstone jewelry, why don’t you subscribe to my ‘tips&secrets of FlorenceJewelshop’ that is published every 2 weeks. And you will find an irresistible offer now and then in the publication. You just have to let me know where I can send the ‘tips&secrets’ too. And it is free!

Hugs Florence from FlorenceJewelshop