Pearls are also called ‘wedding tears’ and in one culture wearing pearls on your wedding day brings luck and the other culture claims it brings bad luck. That’s not very helpful when you want to wear pearls at your wedding. The women who are superstitious and the ones who don’t believe in those stories… read this blog post and you will get the 2 best reasons to wear pearls on your wedding day.

2 Reasons To Wear Pearls At Your Wedding

vanilla freshwater pearl necklace

To the vanilla freshwater pearl necklace

Pearls on your wedding day bring you luck

Let us start with all the myths that tell you to wear pearls on your wedding day. According to the Greek pearls represent the tears of joy from the goddess of love Aphrodite. Pearls will give you protection, make friendships stronger and stand for purity, health, wealth and modesty. These symbols stand for a great marriage and therefore you should wear pearls.

  • The legend that claims that pearls are also called ‘wedding tears’ mention the fact that brides tend to cry a little at the ceremony. And a little cry or tears will bring you luck.
  • In China, people thought that pearls were the brains of dragons (and they will bring you luck) and the people in India thought that pearls came from the clouds. And the clouds represented a life without problems, so luck.
  • In the Middle Ages in Europe soldiers carry a pearl with them under their harnesses. It kept them safe from injury and worse (they thought). And it helps a lot when they receive that pearl from a woman.
  • Pearls fit perfectly in the tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Especially when you get your string of pearls from your mother, that string has a great emotional value.

Don’t wear pearls on your wedding day, it brings bad luck.

According to other sources, you should avoid wearing pearls at your wedding. Pearls look like tears and tears bring back luck. Then the old mother-in-law story: when you get your wedding pearls from your mother-in-law, be careful, they will bring tears!

2 Reasons To Wear Pearls At Your Wedding 2

silver and white pearl necklace

To the silver and white pearl necklace

2 reasons to wear pearls on your wedding day!

  • All pearls are different, there are no two (real, natural) pearls alike. You are a unique woman and for your groom, you are a unique miracle, called the woman. So you deserve to wear pearls on the most important day of your life.
  • The color of pearls matches perfectly with a brides gown. The pearls add to the beauty of the bride and her dress. Not too much, just perfect. Little pearls on the material enlighten a lot of gowns and a necklace and/or earrings made of real pearls look awesome.

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