For a Dutch girl, I am a smaller woman. And sometimes that really gives problems.  In the Western world, women (and men) are growing taller and taller. And in the Netherlands live the tallest people in the world, they say, due to healthy food and milk. We don’t know where this growth stops, but at the same time, there are still a lot of small women. A necklace is for every woman the perfect accessory to any outfit. With the right necklace, a smaller woman can even look taller! But what is the right necklace for a small woman?

Smaller women have a lot of problems (anyway in the Netherlands) with buying clothes, reaching out to the things that are stacked higher and higher, and especially at a party or in business they are not being seen, because of their length. And the right necklace can help you. I cannot make you taller, but I can give you some tips on how to look taller!

Small Women1

The perfect necklace for the smaller woman. It can be worn as a shorter and as a long necklace. Made of blue quartz, fire agate, and sterling silver

What necklaces make small women beautiful and happy?

Most of the small women like to look taller or maybe a better proportion of your body shape. Your necklace can accomplish that when you choose the right pieces.

A small woman can look taller using vertical lines in her clothing and jewelry. Long necklaces will look great when they reach just above your belly. But also when you don’t like those very long necklaces and prefer the shorter ones; take care take you don’t wear them too short.

The neckline is important too

Not only the length of your necklace is important for a fabulous look, but also your neckline has to be considered to get the vertical line. Better wear a V-shaped neckline than a round one (horizontal line) and your necklace should fall within the necklace (and not just over it). A V-shaped necklace or a long necklace makes your body look longer and thinner. It creates a longer vertical line.

Then you have to consider your feature. When you have a delicate feature your necklace should mirror or complement your feature; so your necklace should have larger design details. But a woman with a strong feature should wear necklaces without too many details to look more beautiful. You better stick to bold lines and large necklaces.

Small Women2

A fabulous necklace for the smaller woman: pearls, blister pearls, and silver

It is important that your jewelry makes you sparkle and that it feels comfortable for you: it should not be too long, too short, or too heavy. You can buy your necklaces in a (web)shop that can alter the length for you (like FlorenceJewelshop). Mostly longer than 18 inch or 46 cm necklaces or a length of about 92 cm / 36,2 inches are fine for small women and I don’t recommend a choker (it makes you even smaller). Some styles of necklaces look better on you than others. Like long necklaces or necklaces with a pendant.

To summarize my advice for necklaces:

  • Wear long necklaces
  • Wear a V or Y shaped necklace
  • You can wear collar length necklaces (not too short)
  • Avoid U shaped necklaces, that end above the breastbone.

When you want to know more about what necklace to choose that makes you sparkle, you can download (free) my e-book. Click on the link or on the image to get to the free download.

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