As a former historian (and now a jewel designer) I love stories of the past, of other cultures, of other ways of thinking. And it makes my day when all the stories come together in one gemstone. Searching on the internet I come across a great story of the Labradorite gemstone. It tells ‘how you see the Aurora Borealis in Labradorite?’.

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What is Aurora Borealis?

For a very long time, I ask my husband to go to the North of Canada or to the very North of Europe to see the Aurora Borealis. Or ‘Northern Lights’ as we say it. Visiting Iceland I missed the ‘big night’ so I have to go another time.

Aurora Borealis are green, blue, and sometimes a bit whitish lights that glow in the dark nights. Heavy sun activities or sun winds cause this phenomenon. With the sun activity, a lot of loaded particles come to the earth and they crash in the atmosphere. The energy is released and causes the beautiful colors or curtains of moving colors in the sky.

The legend of the Labradorite

The legend is from the Inuit people in Canada and grandparents tell the legend to their grandchildren. Once upon a time the lights of Aurora Borealis come to the earth and are trapped inside the rocks on the coasts of Northern Canada, in Labrador.

The grayish rocks become beautiful colored rocks and shine blue and green colors when the night falls. The colored lights seem to go up and down like they move, especially when you move your head a little. A fascinating site. But the Aurora Borealis lights in the sky were gone.

But one day an Inuit Warrior says enough is enough and released the lights by hitting the rocks with his spear. The Aurora Borealis lights fly to the sky so that everybody in that area can enjoy watching the lights again.

Some energy of the lights stays in the rocks, trapped, just to make this rock or gemstone as beautiful as it is now. With a fascinating rainbow of colors inside. This wonderful rock is called Labradorite after the site where it is found.

What makes Labradorite so special?

The labradorite gemstone is not only beautiful because of the many colors in the gemstone, but also because of the labradorescence effect. Yes, I know, it is a mouthful, but let me explain.

Labradorite is built from little plates of feldspar that all go in one direction. The plates are so small that you hardly see them under a microscope. Labradorescence is a peculiar reflection of light on the gemstone. When you change your position with respect to the light you see different colors in the gem. This video shows it perfectly.

Not all the labradorites know this effect and some exhibit a high degree of different lights in the gem. People call them ‘spectrolites’.

Beautiful jewelry made of labradorite.

Reading this blog post, I bet you fall immediately in love with this extraordinary gemstone. Well, here is an example of handmade designer necklaces made (partly) of labradorite.

More information about this necklace

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