The purple amethyst is beautiful, ánd the birthstone of February. Besides that -according to several myths and legends- the amethyst is a great way to prevent getting drunk. And those great stories tell us about the amethyst and the AA? Let me explain this!


What is in the name ‘amethystos’?

The name ‘amethystos’ means in the old Greek language ‘not drunken’ or ‘not intoxicated’. And drink your favorite alcohol drink from a goblet made from amethyst is in the old-time a great way not to get drunk. Even when you pour the alcohol in abundantly. People consider the purple amethyst to be a perfect and strong antidote against alcohol and drunkenness.

The next question is of course whether this is true or only a great story. Or a fine excuse to get drunk, use an amethyst glass, and blame the gemstone for it.

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How the purple amethyst becomes an antidote?

A French poet, called Remy Belleau (1528-1577) writes a poem ‘L’Amethyste, ou Les amours de Bacchus et d’Amethyste’. In this poem, the Greek god Bacchus chases a girl called Amethyste. Bacchus is – by the way- the god of the wine and grapes and the god of intoxication.

Amethyste detests his affections and refuses them. But Bacchus is not a member of the ‘Me-Too’ movement and doesn’t take NO for an answer. She has no help around so she prays to the goddess Diana (goddess of the chaste). She wants Diana to help her to remain chaste and to get rid of Bacchus.

I really don’t know why Diana does not sue Bacchus for his behavior, but she decides to transform Amethyste into a pure white stone. Bacchus spoils his good wine over the white stone as an offering and the white stone turns into purple: the amethyst.

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The Romans have their own version

The Romans have their challenges with wine too and there is a story about Dionysus. That is the god of the grape harvest and of the wine and the winemaking. Dionysus is a god with long toes. He is insulted by a mortal, for crying out loud. And he looks for revenge.

He makes a promise to himself that the first mortal he meets, he deals with by force. But he needs some help doing that, so he creates strong tigers to help him out. And the first mortal he comes across is a young innocent girl, Amethystos, who is on her way to the temple of Artemis.

Artemis realizes that Amethystos is in danger and transforms her into a statue of pure white crystalline quartz. Looking at what happens Dionysos feels remorse and he cries ‘tears of wine’ over the statue. And those tears of wine colors the quartz purple’: the amethyst.

What this quartz has to do with the AA?

It may be clear that the girl Amethyste or Amethystos is the victim of a drunken god, who can not keep his hands to himself. And it is a pity for her that the only way to help her out is transforming her into a stone, a gemstone though. Of course, it is clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with alcohol and certainly not with wine. She could be a great symbol of the AA movement (or MeToo). Why don’t they think about that themselves?

About the gemstone ‘the amethyst’

The amethyst is quartz and has a purple to violet color. You mine it in a lot of places and easy to come by. The amethyst has a base and the crystal peeks ‘grow’ on top of it. And the peeks of the crystals are the deepest purple and coming down the color gets weaker.

There are varieties, that are light yellow, red-brown, and even light green. Of course, they are not natural but people put the purple amethyst in a fire of 470-750 grades and then the purple amethyst turns into different colors.

the value

The price of the amethyst depends on the deepness of the color purple. And the deeper the color, the more expensive they get.

When you want to see a really really great amethyst you have to go to the British Museum in London, where they have a polished amethyst of 343 carats. Or to the Smithsonian Institution in Washinton DC, where you can see an amethyst of 1362 carats. That is huge and not suited for a ring or another piece of jewelry.

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