Really, this diamond skull is too much. In the middle of Amsterdam/The Netherlands is the Diamond Museum. A real ‘must-do’ for jewelry lovers. You walk around with a magpie look in your eyes. This feels OK and you know these diamonds are mostly for the rich and famous of this earth. They love them, cherish them, and wear them.

Then you arrive on the second floor of that Diamond Museum and after the exhibition of crowns, it gets over the edge. And I can imagine that the mother of Damien Hirst shouted out loud ‘For the love of God’. This diamond skull is too much.

diamond skull, This diamond skull is too much

diamond skull of Damien Hirst

This diamond skull belongs a man???

In 2007 the exorbitant artist Damien Hirst buys in a shop in Islington a skull of a European man, who lives between 1720 and 1810. The guy is about 35 years old at his death.

Hirst makes a cast of platinum of that skull and decorates it with 8106 flawless diamonds. And on the forehead, you see a pear-shaped pink diamond, the Skull Star Diamond. The teeth of the skull are original. The total skull weighs about 221 grams or over 1100 carats. And Hirst states that the diamonds are ‘ethical sourced’, so no blood diamonds are used.

But why?

Damien Hirst made this artwork as a memento mori as a reminder of the mortality of mankind. The Dutch art historian and well-known museum director Rudi Fuchs describes this work as ‘out of this world, celestial almost. It proclaims victory over decay’.

The mother of Damien Hirst reacts more in my style and she asks him after she sees his newest art product ‘For the love of God, what are you going to do next?’.

It may cost something, this diamond skull!

This artist is already very rich and he sells very well. Besides that, he has followers that can afford his art. The producing costs of this diamond skull are 14 million pounds or 15,4 million Euro or 18 million US dollars.

This diamond skull is exhibited for the first time in the White Cube Gallery in London. The exhibition title is ‘Beyond Belief’. And the price tag on the skull is 50 million pounds. Unnecessary to say that Damien Hirst does not found a buyer for this piece of art. Although there is a rumor that George Michel is interested (or was interested).

More, more and again more

You can wait for it… there is always an artist who tries to make a piece of art even more expensive than this diamond skull. In the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam, there is a monkey skull fully covered with diamonds. I must say that I think this diamond skull is somewhat more refined.

And just around the corner of the skull exhibition hall is a tennis racket with a ball fully covered with diamonds. You can win this racket at some tournament and the value is 1 million Euro.

diamond skull, This diamond skull is too much

tennis racket and ball covered with diamonds

Visiting this Diamond Museum is fascinating. You see a lot of gorgeous and stunning diamonds in all kinds of colors and in all kinds of jewelry. The skulls and the racket are beyond a doubt impressive, very pricy, and over the edge. But still, I like to wear the diamonds instead of gluing them on a skull and keep them in a safe. Or in an exhibition with a lot of security.

What is your opinion? Please, let me know in the comment box under this blog post.

Diamonds In All Shapes And Colors Copy

Diamonds in all shapes and colors

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