The green of the spring meadows, the new leaves on the trees in May and the new green plants that pop up from your garden… it all looks like a beautiful green emerald. And therefore the emerald is the perfect birthstone for May.

Some personal stories…

My father was a jeweler and he had a shop, together with his father and brother. One day there was not enough money to pay for his salary. And he calculated the amount the shop owed him and instead of his salary he took an emerald necklace set in white gold.

My mother was not so pleased since you cannot eat gemstones, but she loved the necklace. And on her birthday she got a matching ring. And since that day my father invested in gems as a kind of savings account.

When my father got ill and the shop had to be sold, the money was slow (to say it politely). My parents sold a part of the emerald pieces of jewelry from the collection they gathered during the years. But one piece was not to be sold and that was that emerald necklace, my father brought home instead of his salary.

emerald, Emerald is the perfect birthstone for May!

Emerald means ‘green’ but means luck to me.

Two months before my wedding my mother died. I had to promise her that the wedding would go on. It was difficult, but we organized the wedding, I choose my dress and the matching pieces of jewelry. But one night before the wedding my brother came and brought me the emerald necklace from my mother. He asked me to wear this necklace as a memory of her. So that a piece of her could participate in this happy occasion.

I still have tears in my eyes, when I write this down and remember my mother. Jewelry is emotion and this necklace certainly is.

emerald, Emerald is the perfect birthstone for May!

The four C’s

That emerald necklace symbolizes the resilience of our family, the symbol that we will survive. But also the symbol of the value of a nest egg, security for survival.

Emerald is together with the diamond, the sapphire, and the ruby one of thé precious gemstones. Those gemstones have a high value and they can be judged according to the four C’s: color, cut, carat weight and clarity. The intensity of the color, the quality of the cut, the weight in carats and the clarity of the stone determines the value.

emerald, Emerald is the perfect birthstone for May!

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The value.

Without an expert and the right tools, it is impossible to calculate the right value of your emerald. Having said that! The color of the emerald can range from light to deep green. The darker or deeper the green the more valuable the emerald is. When you don’t have too much money you can purchase a very good emerald in a light green color. When you buy a light green emerald ask the seller for a certificate so that you are certain you don’t buy beryl, instead of an emerald.

A great green color can be accomplished with a high-quality cut. The glance of the emerald will enlighten with high-quality facets of the cut. The shape is not important, but the quality of the cut is. The shape is a matter of taste, but the cut enlarges the quality and therefore the price of the emerald.

A minimum of inclusions needed

All the quartzes, like the emerald, have very small inclusions. They are important to know for sure that you don’t buy glass in the right color. But although the inclusions are not bad, the gemstone with fewer inclusions is more pricey than the one with a lot of inclusions. And a high-quality cut can leave as many inclusions out as possible. The hue and the saturation of the gemstone are the most important and you can get that with a great cut, that minimizes the inclusions and enlighten a beautiful color.

The last C is from ‘carat’ or size or weight. The larger the stone the higher the price, when… (OK, you know this by now) the cut is fabulous, the color is stunning and the clarity great.

When you are the lucky lady, born in May, that gets a real emerald piece of jewelry for her birthday, don’t let me know. I think I will be too jealous to even gratulate you for your birthday?

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