In this blog post, I will explain how amber can make your life better. This incredible natural gemstone is millions and millions of years old, it has numerous healing capacities, you see its power in the insects caught in the gem and the color is awesome and very trendy this Fall and Winter.

Last weekend I was so lucky to spend some days in Warsaw, Poland. And since my last custom order, my amber beads were finished and I was really keen on getting some new ones. But amber is expensive, very expensive. The bigger the beads and the rounder the beads, the higher the price. I saw a necklace of a rather big round amber beads in a window and the price tag said they cost € 7000 / $8100. They were polished orange round bead and gorgeous, but too expensive for me.

WOW I got my beautiful amber

WOW I got my beautiful amber

What is amber exactly and why is it so precious?

Around 60-40 million years ago Scandinavia and the Baltic States were covered with pine trees (pinus succinifera). When a tree got damaged they protected themselves against that damage by producing resin, to ‘heal’ the damage. The resin is rather sticky and insects or leaves and plants can get caught in that resin, which is called amber.

When the resin drips on the ground and the oxygen is cut off from the resin, that sticky stuff will fossilize. After a few thousand years of fossilization, there are still oils in the resin the material is called Copal, and when even the oils are gone (a few thousand years after that) it becomes amber. The possible inclusions, like insects, plants or leaves will turn blackish (no colors left).

The most beautiful thing about amber is that you can see the insects and plants from millions and millions of years ago in those beautiful pieces. Even the softer parts are visible, which is not the case when you find fossilized dinosaur etc. Amber with inclusion is like a time capsule, where the time stopped a few million years back.

How can amber make your life better

Say, you love rather large necklaces and earrings, but you have trouble with your neck or shoulders. I would advise you to wear amber. It is very light and even when the beads are larger you hardly feel the amber necklace around your neck. And you look awesome.

Say, you have migraines or headaches on a regular basis, or you have stomach problems. Amber that is not polished can prevent headaches, migraines and stomach pains. That is what they told me in the Baltic States, where I bought my first amber. They use it there s a remedy.

Say, you feel bad and you don’t know where it does come from. All that negative energy wears you out and you keep feeling depressed. Wear non-polished amber which attracts positive energy and you will feel better. And even when it does not work straight away, with amber you look better!

orange brown amber necklace

orange brown amber necklace

go to the orange brown amber necklace

Amber has a trendy color

Next Fall and Winter (2018/2019) bring new colors in the new fashion and jewelry collections. One of the trendy colors will be brown shaded orange. This color will match beautifully with a dark blue (Goldstone, lapis lazuli), brown (tiger eye) or even black (lava stone, onyx). Amber can vary from yellow to orange, reddish and brown. But also green, blue and even black amber occurs. And different colors of amber make an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Although a lot of combinations in color and material are beautiful, I would suggest that you combine faceted or shiny gemstones with the non-polished amber. When you want to have a necklace or earrings of polished amber the combination with a matte or rougher surface gemstone looks stunning.

And remember: the round transparent, more yellowish amber, preferably with little insects in it are the most expensive.

black onyx amber necklace

black onyx amber necklace

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To summarize all the great features of the natural gemstone amber:

  • It is very light and easy to wear
  • Wearing non-polished amber will give you positive energy
  • Non-polished amber can avoid migraines, headaches and stomach problems

Besides all these great things… amber is just unique and beautiful.

In this blog post, I gave you a lot of tips and secrets about amber and jewelry. When you want to get my tips and secrets on a regular basis (twice a month) just let me know. Just let me know where to send them too and I will personally take care that you get all the information.

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