For courage and strength, you need a tiger eye!  When you are looking for wealth, courage, strength, protection and good fortune you better don’t buy a lottery ticket. So you are better off buying this beautiful brown silky gemstone. Besides that… it is more beautiful and is multi-purpose (in comparison to that ugly piece of paper they call a lottery ticket).

The tiger eye is one of the oldest talismans in the world

This gemstone is considered one of the oldest talismans in the world. For example, the Egyptians thought that with this intriguing gemstone you can see everything and you know everything. Therefore they used it to make the eyes of the deity statues. With this gemstone’s eyes, those statues got a divine vision.

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turquoise brown gem necklace, made of jasper and tiger eye

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The powers of the tiger eye.

In older days people believed that when you wear this gemstone you can see everything, even through doors and walls. And you get the protection of the sun and the earth, that gives you power and wealth.

The tiger eye is linked to the powerful tiger.

This means that when you wear a jewel made of this gemstone, or even such a stone in your pocket will give you courage, the right use of power and integrity. Therefore it was very popular with the Roman soldiers. Although their masters did not respect that power since integrity and the right use of power was not very important to them looking to the history of the Roman Empire.

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tiger eye stone bracelet, made of tiger eye and carved camel bone

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What does the tiger eye look like?

This stone has a brown color, actually more golden brown color. When you move the (polished) stone you see the ‘silky shine or luster of the stone moving’. That phenomenon is called ‘chatoyant’. This gemstone has ‘stripes’, all-in-one direction. The stripes are quartz crystals and fibers that turned into limonite.

More ‘eye’ gemstones exist

This gemstone is not the only gem with chatoyancy. You have the ‘cat’s eye’. The cat’s eye is darker blue or black and has the same fibers, but the fivers are straight. And they look like a straight single band of light across the stone; like the iris of a cat.
Then there is the ‘Falcon’s eye’, which is blue-gray to blue-green and there is the ‘Ox Eye in mahogany or reddish color.

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tiger eye vermeil necklace, made of matte tiger eye and vermeil elements

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Beware of fakes

Today on the market you can find red or blue variations and most of them are dyed or heated. This does not affect the powers of the gemstone.

The powers of this stone are valuable for the believers and you can say ‘better safe than sorry’ when you doubt.

The fact is that it is a gorgeous gemstone, that has a great appearance in a piece of jewelry. It looks great in the combination with gold or lapis lazuli. And you hardly see the matte variation of it or jewelry with the raw version.  I advise you to have a look at the beautiful examples and whether you believe in the powers of this gemstone or not. Believe in the powers of its beauty.

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red gemstone bracelet, made of mooakite and raw tiger eye

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