Talking about a real diamond. Do you know the song ‘Diamonds are forever’ sung by Shirley Bassey? The title song of the James Bond movie with the same name? The story is about a large network of diamond smugglers and has to be stopped because when they continue the market of diamonds can collapse. In the movie, James Bond smuggles also fake diamonds to set the enemy on the wrong path. And nobody sees that the diamonds are fake. Can you see the difference and when you cannot, why should you buy the real ones? Fake or real diamonds, that is the question of today’s blog post.


That is what De Beers Company, the largest diamonds mining company in the world (situated in South Africa) asks themselves to, and therefore after 130 years of dealing with the real diamond stuff, there start to sell synthetic diamonds. This is no less than an earthquake in real diamond land.

Nothing, but the real diamond?

Every real diamond is unique, never duplicated and one of a kind. It is formed about 150 to 200 kilometers (93 to 124 miles) below the earth’s surface. And formed a few years back, like 3 billion years ago (3.000.000 years). It has to be mined and you never know what you will find: a large piece or a tiny piece of a real diamond? And what color? What clarity? You need your luck to find the right real diamond that will make you very rich!

While the costs are so high to find and cut a real diamond people try to find a way to make fake ones. That took some long and extensive research and a whole bunch of scientists to find the right way to make diamonds. But they succeeded.

Mining Diamonds

Mining diamonds

Copy, paste a diamond?

Nowadays men can make a complete copy of the natural or real diamond, with the same crystal lattice structure, the same color range as the real diamond. The great difference is that natural diamonds are over 3 billion years old.

The fake or synthetic ones are made of carbon, that is put under very high pressure and temperature. In a lab with these possibilities, they can make a diamond crystal. Another, more complicated way is to take a small core of a diamond crystal and through chemical vapor deposition, its core grows layer by layer.

Making a synthetic gemstone is a pricey process. But a synthetic diamond is about 20 to 40% less expensive than a natural real diamond. The actual price depends on the color, the size and the quality of the synthetic variety.

Diamond Bracelet

Diamond bracelet

A fake or real diamond, that is the question?

The big question is of course… is the diamond in my piece of jewelry that I got from my loved one a natural real diamond or a synthetic one?

First of all, you might ask yourself whether you want to know this? The gemstone is given with love and received with love. And is this a question that you should bother about? But if you do… you cannot see without specialized tools or equipment whether your gem is synthetic or natural because it is an exact duplicate from the real diamond.

The only way to find out is by asking the seller for a grading report, which can prove the origin and the quality of it. In my experience, you have to take care of diamonds that are exactly 1 carat. The size of the synthetic ones is mostly 1 carat. Because the labs of synthetic diamonds make the products what people want, and that is a diamond of 1 carat.



Some scientists think that a synthetic diamond is the same as the natural diamond since the structure, the glance, and the composition is the same. Maybe so but there are about 3.3 billion years of an age difference.

I wish that every in April born lady gets a piece of jewelry with her birthstone for the big day. And all the others too, of course. Please let me know when this happens and I party along with you.

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