The gemstone Citrine is a beautiful little sun under the gemstones. It is the birthstone of November and who does not need a little sunbeam when daylight is diminishing (Northern Hemisphere). You feel great with this bright and yellow gemstone that brightens up every dark day.

The citrine is a great anti-depressant cure: the yellow gemstone makes you happy, it enlarges your concentration, gives a lot of confidence and makes you determent. And it is the gemstone of the 17th anniversary. A lot of reasons to get to know the citrine better!

What’s in a name?

The name citrine comes from the word ‘citrin’, which means in the old French language ‘lemon’. It sounds like a very suitable name since the color of the citrine is mostly yellow, like the lemon. But in the time that the gemstone gets its name, that name doesn’t refer to the lemon as we know it, but to large fragrant citrus fruit, that is one of the four original citrus fruits available. The citrine is very rare quartz, that ranges in color from pale yellow to dark amber.

What does the gemstone citrine look like?

Citrine is quartz and is transparent with a yellow color, caused by traces of iron and sometimes aluminum. Because the citrine is so rare people find it worthwhile to make a fake version of it. Most of the time they heat an amethyst or smokey quartz. When you heat those gemstones above 200 grades the purple and grey colors disappear and become yellow. This forgery goes so far that most of the citrine you can buy on the marketplace (90%) is a fraud citrine (heated amethyst or smokey quartz). They call it Bahia citrine or Madeira citrine.

citrine quartz

citrine quartz

Beautiful, but fake

But as stated before there came so many fake citrines on the market that the price collapses, since people don’t know whether they buy a fake or a genuine citrine and keep away from it. Nowadays there is a kind of revival for the citrine. Women don’t mind to wear fake citrine when it is big and shiny. Besides that, the color yellow is getting more popular and there are not many gemstones in that color.

The gemstone Citrine: a multifunctional gemstone

Thousands of years ago, when the people then don’t know this beautiful yellow stone is a gemstone, the citrine is used to decorating tools, weapons, and jewelry. Archeologists find the citrine in Hellenistic graves in Greece, in ancient Egypt, and from the 17th century, they discover citrine decorated dagger handles in Scotland. They find out that the citrine was kept as a piece of jewelry to prevent getting poisoned.

show me more of this beauty

Loving the gemstone Citrine goes far

The appreciation for the citrine changed in times. In Ancient Roman Time, citrine is very popular amongst wealthy people, because it is so beautiful and rare. Again in the 19th Century and during the Art Deco period (1918-1940) the citrine becomes very popular and great film divas like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford wear the citrine with grace.

The people in the Roman Times consider the citrine as a piece of the sun. The Romans think that the stone absorbes a sunbeam and has the ability to keep that sunbeam in the stone. When you are depressed you have a citrine with you and to avoid disaster the soldiers have citrine on their weapon outfit.

The biggest citrine fan

One of the biggest fans of this yellow gemstone is Queen Victoria of England. There are more gemstones she likes a lot, especially when that gemstone is found in her kingdom. But her favorite is the citrine, because of its sunny exuberance. And because you find the citrine in her beloved Scotland. When the Balmoral Castle is built in 1852 in Scotland she orders that all the visitors have to wear quilts and the full Highland plaid attire, including the quilt jewelry… that has to be decorated with the citrine.

The gemstone Citrine is great for your health.

The citrine has so many great qualities for your health/body and mind, that I will summarize a few and will not be complete:

  1. The citrine improves concentration and avoids transpiration.
  2. It cleans your body and repairs what is wrong
  3. You attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all the other good things you need/want. But it also stimulates sharing what you owe. The citrine does not like quarrels and conflicts and helps to solve those problems.
  4. It enlarges your self-respect and confidence. Stimulates your creativity and make you optimistic.
  5. The citrine cures you of depressions, fears, and phobics. It makes you calm so that the wisdom in you can get a chance to work.
  6. And it solves problems with the liver, blatter, kidneys, diabetes mellitus, nerves, and bones.
  7. You get relaxed wearing a citrine and when you have a burnout (not wore a citrine!) it shows you everything in perspective again.

How to take care of a citrine?

The hardness on the scale of Moh’s of the citrine is 7. That is not too soft, but you have to take care not to scratch your citrine. But in everyday life and everyday use, your citrine will survive!.

Don’t leave your citrine in the sun or go sunbathing with it. The gemstone does not like the sun and changes in color (getting lighter). You can clean the gemstone with a jeweler cleaner, soft cloth or plain soap, and warm water. Dry it properly afterward.

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