Wear a ruby and you will be powerful!!! Ruby is associated with power, with wealth, with love, with blood, but also with imagination! The birthday girls in July have an extra reason to wear a ruby since it is their birthstone.

It is not only one of the precious stones, but it is also ‘bloody’ beautiful, and who does not want to have such a gem, that makes you beautiful ánd powerful! In this blog post, I describe all the features of a ruby. Read it and you will be just as convinced as I am, that you desperately need a piece of jewelry with a ruby!

a ruby, Wear a ruby and you will be powerful!

Dorothy with her ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz

 A ruby and imagination!

I’ll bet you know the story of The Wizard of Oz. It’s actually the story of a farm girl Dorothy, whose house is blown away by a tornado and ends up in the Land of Oz, where she gets ruby slippers from Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.

The ruby slippers are a kind of symbol of ‘good things of imagination’ in this movie, where Judy Garland plays the role of Dorothy. The slippers in the movie are actually made of red rhinestones and there are more than 5 sets of slippers used in that movie. Still, they are ‘wanted’. The movie is made in 1939 and in 2005 there is one pair of ruby slippers stolen from a museum! And comes back in 2010? Talking about power!

Ruby Necklace 400x400

ruby necklace

to the ruby necklace

Wear a Ruby and find love

Love has everything to do with your heart. You feel the love in your heart (and maybe your stomach too, when the butterflies waltzing around in there). And the color of your heart is red, just like a ruby. Besides the diamond, also the red ruby is very popular to use in engagement rings.

It’s not only because ruby is red, but the ruby red is stunning: dark, transparent, and full of light. And it is not only the gemstone of love but also of energy, passion, and power. Just what love needs to stand out for a long time.

a ruby, Wear a ruby and you will be powerful!

ruby pendant

a ruby and power

Burma or Myanmar is thé place to go to find excellent rubies. The ruby is not only popular there because of its beauty, but also because the Burmese are convinced that the ruby makes you invulnerable. Very practical of course when you are a soldier. The story tells that the soldiers had to wear a ruby inside their bodies. But it is unclear whether they had to swallow one or they implanted one? But it worked according to the Burmese soldier. And believing is ‘half the work’ as my mother used to say.

In Pakistan/Kashmir there was a tribe (Hanza) who thought that rubies or other red stones like garnets would cause more severe wounds than bullets. And they tried out that in their fight against the British in 1892. Unnecessary to say that it did not work at the time.

A Ruby With Ruby Zoisote Necklace From The Collection Of FlorenceJewelshop 400x400

a ruby with ruby zoisote necklace from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

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to the ruby necklace

Wear Ruby and be wealthy

All the good things have a price and the ruby is no exception. Rubies are expensive and they are that expensive that fake ruby conquers the world. Don’t get tricked or your wealth will be as brittle as your fake rubies.

The rich and famous of this world own a lot of rubies since the gemstone is so fabulous. Like Queen Elisabeth II of England. One of her famous rubies in her large collection is the Timur Ruby, which was given to her mother in 1851 by the East India Company. A small problem was that later scientists discovered that this ruby was a spinel, also beautiful but no ruby.

In India, people believed that when you donate a ruby to the god Krishna you bought your ticket to wealth because that was insurance to be reborn as an emperor in your next life. There must be a large number of potential emperors in heaven, waiting on their insurance ‘payment’.

a ruby, Wear a ruby and you will be powerful!

ruby pendant

And ruby can do more and more and more

Ruby can preserve mental and physical health. In the Middle Ages, it was the gem of prophecy. The kings thought that when the color of the ruby darkened there was an immediate danger. And the ruby could cure liver problems eating powdered ruby or were the remedy for poison.

When you read the stories about the ruby there is one thing that keeps singing in your mind ‘I WANT A RUBY’ period. Lucky me I am a ruby month girl and maybe my husband read this blog post too (just a hint). But also for the ladies that are not born in July: when you have your birthday, ask for a ruby!

When you want to know more about the ruby or about the other birthstones. There is a free e-book about birthstones. Just let me know where I can send it to.


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