Love nature & 'flower jewelry'!

Love nature & ‘flower jewelry’!

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    Although I travel around the world and all the cultures inspire me to design my jewelry, in springtime I get all my inspiration from scenes something like 200 meters from my home. My inspiration is to make flower jewelry, or jewelry inspired on flowers to be exact.

    I live in the middle of the bulb or flower fields and the colors at the moment of those fields are stunning. The jewelry designers found their inspiration this year in nature and heaven. They designed flower jewelry or jewelry with real flowers and they used flower-shaped material to make the women more beautiful as they already are. When you love nature, you will love ‘flower jewelry’!

    Next season’s trend: flower jewelry

    In a few blog posts, I already give the tip, that you don’t have to follow all the trends where the jewelry designers come up with. You will get bankrupt and not necessarily all the trends will fancy or suit you.

    I show you the trends on flower jewelry and you can:

    1. Decide you purchase some trendy stuff, which means low quality and cheap
    2. Look in your jewelry box and find a piece of flower jewelry that matches the trend. Like a pair of earrings in the shape of a flower or leave. And you can wear this piece more often
    3. Think…. I want a new piece of jewelry and I love nature and flowers. Search for some great pieces, you really really love. You must be sure that you love that piece also when the trend is over. And you will wear flower jewelry when the trend is over. And you purchase that flower jewelry.

    #3 is the best tip I can give you! Jewelry is emotional, and like flower jewelry and you have to feel great wearing it. And flower jewelry has to match your style and taste. And when I can help you with any advice, just let me know (contact form)

    Back to the flower jewelry!

    Climate change is worrying. In the USA the snow falls and keeps falling, even in April. In the Netherlands, the flower parade in my hometown will be one week earlier than planned. The flowers are in full bloom and they cannot keep them fresh until the planned date. There are floods in Brazil, storms in East Africa, and more climate disasters happen.

    Due to all this, people are more interested, more worried about nature. And fashion and flower jewelry designers pick these ‘feelings’ up and design clothing and jewelry using the theme ‘nature’ of ‘flowers’. And the result is flower jewelry.

    That means that you find (a lot more than usual) pieces of jewelry made of flowers, using resin to put the flowers in. Or they use materials, like gemstones and silver in the shape of flowers. Or they use natural colors and materials.

    And don’t forget… Mother’s Day will be here soon. Most of the time you give your mother or mother-in-law (or you get) flowers. Maybe this time you can give her a piece of ‘flower’ jewelry’. You can find some in my collection and when you cannot find what you want, just let me know and I design and make it for you.

    Sometimes it is hard to know what jewelry looks best on you. What jewelry matches your outfit best. Or what jewelry can accentuate your best features and what jewelry you better don’t wear? FlorenceJewelshop published a PDF with dozens of tips for you. With this PDF you can see exactly what type of jewelry looks best on you and makes you look stunning. This PDF is free of charge. Just let me know where to send it to.

    accentuate your best features
    accentuate your best features
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    Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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