1 charming charm is a joy forever

1 charming charm is a joy forever

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    Everybody knows that things of our youth that disappeared will come back one day or another. Sometimes modernized. But it can happen that the same thing is ‘reinvented’ again and becomes fashion. When I was about 5 years old, I got from my parents a bracelet for my birthday. My grandparents gave me a ‘lucky’ charm for it. And on every suitable occasion, my bracelet grew.

    But my eyes grew too when I saw the trend, new, and hot jewelry designs of this year… charms, and more. You might say that a charming charm is a joy forever and one charm will never die.

    Applicable jewel

    The funny thing about collecting them for my bracelet was that you could choose an applicable jewel for the situation. I had a hockey stick charm when I tried to master that sport and a new doggie meant a new ‘dog’ charm. I forgot why I had a ‘teapot’, but it was lovely.

    Preparing a blog post about these lovely pieces of jewelry I discovered that a bracelet like this is not invented in my youth. Back then it was also a reinvention from an earlier period.

    Charm bracelets
    Charm bracelets

    When was the beginning of this trend?

    Probably wearing charms on bracelets or necklaces started as a form of talisman or amulet, to get rid of bad luck or evil spirits and ghosts. In pre-historic times, they were made of shells, clay, or bones. Archeologists found them in Africa that are more than 75.000 years old. In Germany, one was cut from a mammoth tusk of 30.000 years old. And even in Egypt, they have found some that were used for luck and identification.

    In the Roman Times charms in the shape of little fishes were used as identification by Christians. And Jewish scholars were able to write parts of the Jewish law on a charm to keep it close to their hearts. I have found so many examples of times where they were popular and every other period the popularity of these jewels went down and up again. Like it is is a joy forever. You might forget it for ages, but it always comes back.

    They were mostly worn on necklaces, or fabric and leather strings. Bracelets with them came up in the time of the Assyrians and the Persians around 600 to 400 BC. A very big fan of wearing bracelets with these jewels was Queen Victoria. She was a kind of trendsetter for the European nobility at that time.

    Not only necklaces but also charm bracelets!

    Queen Victoria loves charm bracelets and her family and friends received many beautiful and precious ones on several occasions from her. When her husband Prince Albert died she ordered a jewelry designer to make a ‘mourning one’ with a lock of hair from the prince. It became even a big trend.

    A trend that was picked very fast by the commercial parties. For instance, Tiffany introduced 1889 their first charm bracelet in, with a little heart. In the 20s and 30s of the last century, during the Great Depression golden and diamond copies were manufactured. And in the 50s and 60s teenagers collected them, which were a memory of an important event in their life. And now we are back to my youth again when I got my first charm bracelet. It’s like a ring that turns and turns and every spot of the ring comes forward in due time.

    And what about the Pandora trend with their bracelet and beads? Remember my words… they keep coming back!

    rsz lucky charms
    lucky charms

    Conclusion: don’t follow the Marie Kondo trend

    So the conclusion might be that you should keep your jewelry at all times since it will become popular again. Therefore I looked for my charm bracelet everywhere, but I cannot find it. So when I want to participate in this ‘new trend’ I have to buy another one and start collecting the ones that represent great events in my life. I might do that since when this trend goes down I just have to wait when some designer decides that it is time to dust the old ones again and make it a trend.

    Bracelets are popular and not without reason. They look gorgeous and with charms they are tinkling so nicely. But do you know what type of bracelet looks best with your arms, short or long? If you have large hips is it wise to wear bracelets? All those questions and the answers are in the e-book FlorenceJewelshop published. It is free of charge. Just let me know where I can send it to….. And… please let me know whether you have found your charm bracelet from your youth.

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    Hug Florence from Florencejewelshop

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