1 brooch is a most adorable finishing touch

1 brooch is a most adorable finishing touch

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    When you follow the trend for this Winter, you definitely need a tiara and a brooch or pin in your jewel box. For me, a tiara is too much. I only follow a trend when it makes me look more beautiful. A brooch, on the other hand, is a different thing. I love them. They are practical, you can wear them a lot and with this piece of jewelry, you know ‘how to decorate your shoulder in style’!

    As old as Rome & as new as a baby

    People in the past also call a brooch, in time, a pin, a lapel, or a fibula. All those items are used as clasps or fasteners to hold the clothing together. And from a functional adding to the garments, they become a decorative piece that men and women wear.

    The ancient brooch is often a kind of the centerpiece of a jewelry set. They are made in a way that they use it as the pin we see today or as a pendant or part of a crown. But the common people use their brooches to fasten the two parts of their coat or shawl.

    filigree buttons used as brooch to keep the 2 parts of a shawl together
    filigree buttons used as brooch to keep the 2 parts of a shawl together

    Why is wearing a brooch so great

    • Some women have problems with their neck, back, or shoulders and don’t wear a necklace easily. You pin a brooch on your dress or sweater and you look great. And there are also scarf brooches that you put over the knot of a scarf, just to look more beautiful.
    • You wear a brooch on a belt or on a bandana, a clutch or a bag, on long gloves (on the wrists). And you pin some small matching ones on the collar of your jacket.
    • It is the fashion to wear big scarves over your shoulders to keep you warm in winter. I wear a lot of them and all the time the two parts slip off my shoulders. When I wear a brooch, pinning the two parts together on one of my shoulders. It looks great and the scarf stays in place.
    • When you wear a brooch, like in the ancient times, you wear this jewelry on your outer coat, near or on your collar. That is a lovely decoration of a rather plain colored coat. And also you can pin it on your hat or beret.

    My tips &secrets to looking stunning:

    • When you wear an enormous brooch on your dress, it takes the attention from your face. It has to add beauty, not take over the attention of your beauty. Imagine that you wear a thin dress and you pin a heavy brooch on it, it starts hanging down, which does not look nice at all.
    • It has to be complementary to your style and you have to be comfortable wearing it. Choose the one that matches with your clothing. Don’t buy a fashion pin, if that piece of jewelry does not match your clothing or your style.
    • Don’t wear it just above your breast or too close to your collar. Better wear it halfway between the middle of your breast and the arm, and just below the top of your shoulders.
    • It’s wise to have a stunning brooch for your casual outfit and for your formal dress. You wear it best when they are a contrast to the dress or sweater, you wear.

    I hope that this blog post causes a trend in wearing brooches on your coat, shawl or sweater or maybe on your hat. The best is to pin it on a material that is not too fine, like silk.

    Wearing jewelry is not only the emotion and memories of the person who gave us the jewelry, but we also want to look astonishing with it. Do you know what jewelry looks best on you? Do you know what jewelry accentuates your best features and maybe camouflage your minor ones?

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