1 stunning bracelet looks best on you!

1 stunning bracelet looks best on you!

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    NASA, we have a problem’. Maybe not the right phrase, but we have a problem. What type of bracelet looks best on you and makes you sparkle? When there are more than 10 types of bracelets available. This piece of jewelry should make you more beautiful and should enlighten your awesome points and camouflage your minor points. What type can you wear best? With so many types to choose from, I will pick the most common ones and show you who can wear them best, and what type of person should avoid them. Let’s start.


    Bangles are rings with no opening. They originate from India, and Indian women wear a lot of them at the same time. These are some of the most versatile bracelets at the moment and you will see them in many colors, materials, and sizes. They are very popular and trendy with women in all age groups. And I love to hear the sound of the bangles clinging together!

    When you are a slim woman and your wrists are small you better wear a lot of bangles at the same time, to get the illusion of volume. Also, a tall woman can choose for wearing bangles when she wears more bangles at the same time and variate in smaller and wider bangles. The small woman can wear bangles too, but try to make vertical lines on your arm, so stacking! The vertical line principle counts also for well-figured women. But don’t wear the ones that are too small, because then your wrist and arm look like a ‘sausage’ (sorry about this).

    Jade with gold bangle or bracelet
    Jade with gold bangle or bracelet
    Indian lady wearing a lot of bangles
    Indian lady wearing a lot of bangles


    Cuffs look like the bangle, but they have an opening and they cover about 2/3 of the wrist. It should sit tight and is not flexible, They look a bit like handcuffs, but they have closed altogether. The cuffs have their origin in Egypt when Pharao Cleopatra was in power.

    A slim woman looks gorgeous with a striking cuff, that makes her arm and wrist look a bit wider and can make a statement on her arm. A tall woman needs horizontal lines on her arm so that the arm looks shorter. Wearing more cuffs at the same time (and a variation of smaller and wider cuffs) looks awesome on the tall woman. The small woman with her shorter arms looks great with cuffs that come high up, so it will create a vertical line that makes the short arm look a bit longer. A great solid cuff looks gorgeous on a well-figured woman

    Gemstone Bracelets

    These pieces of jewelry are fine ones, made of gemstones and silver or gold. They come with all kinds of gemstones and all kinds of prices. A slim woman looks great with a one-strand gemstone copy. You can choose also for wearing more one-strand gemstone ones at the same time. Choose then for the more colorful ones and variate between the smaller and wider copies to make a statement on your arm. And at the same time, the variety of smaller and wider bracelets gives the illusion of softness and volume.

    The shorter or smaller woman looks great with gemstone copies, when they are not too large or with a few smaller ones on top of each other. Make those vertical lines on your arm look longer.

    Bracelet made in the iron cast technique from the beginning of the 20th century. Berlin.
    Bracelet with imitation pearls (custom jewelry) by Givenchy. 1920.

    Link bracelets

    These ones consist of beads that are twisted on a chain and linked together. Swarovski and Tiffany have a large collection of them. They can be worn by every type of woman because it depends on the kind of link that matches you best.

    Oval links are great for wider wrists and smaller round links are better for smaller wrists. It is a great idea for the well-figured woman to wear a link bracelet or one that moves when you are wearing it. It should be partly over your wrist and in this way gives the arm some extra (virtual) length.


    These ones look like a few bangles, fixed together, but they are connected with one clasp. The strand can be beaded or linked. Slim women with wider wrists look gorgeous wearing multiple strand bracelets. It makes the arm look shorter and the wrist smaller. For the smaller woman this type is only great when you make the vertical lines, so wear a lot of strands, that are not too wide.

    Omega bracelets

    These are stiff metal chain bracelets, finished with a toggle clasp of hook clasp. They have to be worn a bit loose around the wrist and sometimes together with a watch. The origin is the Omega wristwatch. The Omega bracelet imitates this watch.

    charm bracelet
    charm bracelet
    A bracelet made of diamonds, ruby, and 11 strands of natural pearls. 1910.

    Pearl bracelet

    This is a bracelet made of pearls, having one or more strands and they can be worn alone or together. Loved by women with a more traditional taste. A pearl bracelet can be made with large and smaller pearls, all kinds of pearls, one of multistrand. So everybody can wear one, but pay attention to the tips I gave before.

    Shamballa bracelets

    Shamballa is made of nylon, leather, or fabric and in between are gemstones woven into the bands. The origin is Buddhistic and they represent peace and tranquillity. These types are worn mostly by younger people the women who like the Boho style.

    Stretch bracelets

    The beads of these ones are beaded on a stretch band. They are flexible and cling beautifully to your wrist. These types normally don’t have a clasp. Stretch bracelets are great and easy to slip on. But: when you have a wide hand and a small wrist the stretch band will have to stretch all the way and can enlarge, during time.

    A tennis bracelet

    This one is made of a thin wristband (flexible) and the clasp is made of platinum or decorated with diamonds. The origin comes from the tennis player Chris Evert, who was wearing such a bracelet during the matches.

    Most of the women can wear tennis bracelets. A large one for the larger or wider wrists and a smaller one for the delicate and finer wrists.

    As told before, there are many more types of bracelets and there are many more tips and secrets to tell about how to choose the right bracelet to let you sparkle. When you want to know more, best ask for this free booklet FlorenceJwelshop wrote with 19 tips and secrets about the best bracelet for you.

    Let me know where I can send this booklet to!

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    Hugs from Florence of FlorenceJewelshop

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